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Tips to avoid Veteran charity scams

QUINCY, IL (WGEM) 900 reports of veteran charity scams have been filed with the Better Business Bureau over the last three years, according to Officials. They said they don’t wont you to fall victim this year.

Quincy BBB Regional Director Mara Clingingsmith said it’s best to give directly to a local charity that you are familiar with. If giving online, make sure every web-page is secure, not just the home page. The web address should start with “https.” She adds do your research to know how your information will be used by the organization.

“Some of them can be out right scams,” said Clingingsmith. “Some of them can be not a 501(c)(3), but maybe they’re a lobbying organization. And if you’re trying to help out hands on with a veteran, that may not be the way you want to go .”

She suggested to understand how your money will be used and how much. However, be cautious if the charity said 100% of the donations will be used towards veterans. She said there are costs if credit and debit cards are used.

“Even if you’re purchasing an item that the proceeds are to go to help a veterans charity,” she said. “Ask them about that, ask them how much goes to the veterans organization versus the cost of the item.”

Clingingsmith said a reputable charity won’t force you to give on the spot. Also, you can check with the BBB if they are accredited or not.

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