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Adams County Board passes new budget

You will pay more on your property tax bill next year if you live in Adams County.

Tuesday night, the board approved its budget with 18 board members voting in favor of the proposal.

You won’t pay as much as you would have now that the finance committee got the increase down from a possible 6.5% increase, which was talked about just a week ago, down to a 4.9% increase.

To put this in perspective, the county takes 11% of a resident’s property tax bill.

Someone with a $100,000 home in Adams County will now have to pay roughly $3 to $4 more a year.

Finance  Committee Chairman Bret Austin said there are two reasons for the increase. One is the salary raises and minimum wage increase. The other is the continued rising cost to operate an ambulance service.

But he said the three county departments, highway, ambulance, and health, all managed to make cuts to keep the tax from increasing further.

“It came out to at the very end about a 500 thousand dollar swing in the budget and that’s where that drop from about 6.5 to 4.9% came from,” said Austin.

If it continues to be a drag on the county’s finances, Austin said the board is really going to have to re-assess the ambulance service. Are they running too many? Do they need to staff down? Should the county be in a cost sharing service with the city?

This tax increase affects everyone who resides within Adams County, meaning Quincy residents as well.

Tuesday night, the board passed the budget, they will formally pass this tax levy at next months meeting.

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