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Record breaking cold

Today’s main focus weather wise will be the brutally cold temperatures this morning. With clear skies and cold air advection temperatures have really fallen.

In fact, Quincy has already broke the record low for the day. The previous record was 10 degrees in 1986, but it morning we have hit 9 degrees.

We could get even colder yet! Wind chill values range from five below zero to zero.

So it is essential that you bundle up today, as the cold weather can get to you very quickly. Highs today will only be in the low 20’s, despite abundant sunshine. The clear skies will continue into tonight, with lows in the teens.

Tomorrow will start off sunny, but clouds will quickly build into the Tri-States as we go through the day. High will be warmer in the upper 30s.

Whitney Williams

Meteorologist Whitney Williams is a member of the WGEM StormTrak Weather team.

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