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Holiday shopping event shines light on Dick Brothers Brewery and future plans for the building

Plans are moving ahead to bring new life to a part of Quincy’s downtown.

Developers continue to uncover parts of Dick Brothers Brewery located at 9th and York and are expected to open up several more sections of it within the next year or so.

“I only grew up three blocks from here,” said Bret Austin with Dick Brothers, Inc. “I used to ride by these buildings when I was a kid all the time. It was always part of something that I thought would be really cool. This brewery complex probably has as much ties to Quincy’s original German heritage than any place in town.”

Dick Brothers Brewery started back in 1857 and at one time was one of the largest beer brands in the country. The company ended up closing in 1951.

Considering the sheer size of the brewery, The District Executive Director Bruce Guthrie says he’s thankful someone decided to take it on the project.

“You need some people to come in there and really sees what it can be, has a vision and has the passion to get it down and those folks did,” said Guthrie.

Events like ChristKindl Market is an example of how Austin and his crew are helping to fund future renovation projects, like a new Rathskeller Bar.

“It would be about a 28 foot long bar,” said Austin.

As well as place to store and age cheese.

“They are already taking out some sections of the walls so that will be like a hallway on that side where people can view into here,” said Austin.

Austin expects the Rathskeller Bar will be opened as a rental space in the spring and will operate as a real bar by next year’s Oktoberfest.


Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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