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Tri-State leaders stress importance of census ahead of 2020

Leaders in rural and small communities in the Tri-States said they’re getting ready for the 2020 Census, as it’s something that can impact federal funding for schools, roads, and public housing.

Mayor Jarrod Phillips of Canton, Missouri said the city is working hard to get an accurate response for the 2020 Census. He said the census allows them to get federal dollars for the community based off things like the number of people who live in your home or what you make.

“We have a complete county committee that’s formed locally of different stakeholders in our community from our churches, to our college, to our local school district and we’re all working together,” said Phillips, “come January we’ll be doing some outreach to make sure everyone gets counted and everyone fills out the forms.”

The census website said they’re also working to hire people to help run the census next year. It is a paid job, and you can apply online at

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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