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Veteran and her daughter receive Quincy tiny home

U.S. Air Force veteran Brittney Welch and her daughter Hailey said their new home may be small but it’s impact couldn’t be bigger.

“This is life changing,” Welch said. “I don’t even know how to describe my feelings, other than I’m just overwhelmed with happiness.”

Welch and her daughter opened the door to their new home Sunday afternoon, as the owners of Quincy’s newest Tiny Home near 6th and Cherry Street.

“This just shows me how much love and support there is in the community,” Welch said. “Most of the people who came to build my house were complete strangers.”

Welch is the third Quincy resident to get a home, built by volunteers in just a couple of days.

She said this tiny home comes after a rough patch of severe migraines that often kept her out of work.

“For me, I was struggling to make ends meet, pay rent, keep food on the table,” Welch said. “This is huge for me because I can now give things to my child that I wasn’t able to before.”

“I’m really excited because when she was sick, she always worried about if I was going to have to leave everything,” Haleigh Welch said. “I know that she won’t struggle as much.”

Made possible by 2×4’s For Hope, co-owner Chris Lawrence said giving people what they need is what it’s all about.

“Just to know that Brittney and her daughter won’t have to worry about losing this house,” Lawrence said. “Not have to worry about coming up with rent, they have a permanent house.”

Lawrence said this is just another step in giving veterans the support they deserve.

It’s something Brittney Welch said she’s forever grateful for.

“So, I’m going to stay in my new home tonight,” she said.

2×4’s for Hope reps said they’ve got a busy 2020 planned, as they’re prepared to build two more tiny homes in Quincy and start getting other towns involved.

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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