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Quincy business warns of potential scammers

A scare at a local business after employees say they think they may have thwarted a possible robbery. It happened Monday night at Quincy’s Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Broadway.

A young female employee answered the phone around 8:45 and immediately knew something was off.

“He was suggesting for my shift manager to make sure all the other employees were out of the building before she discussed things with him,” said Tropical Smoothie Cafe Assistant Manager Jonathan Norfolk. “He was asking about deposit amounts, very specific questions.”

Norfolk was there Monday night and says the person on the other line claimed to be from the tropical smoothie corporate office.

“When she was asked again if all the employees were out of the building except for her, she said yes,” said Norfolk. “They replied with, ‘no, we know there’s still another male in the building.”

That’s when Norfolk took the phone and started talking to the so-called scammers himself.

“When he cussed at me, that’s when I knew he wasn’t corporate in the slightest,” said Norfolk.

After about 25 minutes on the phone, Norfolk finally hung up and called the police but since the caller masked his phone number, there’s only so much law enforcement can do.

“Phone can be easily disguised with computers and the numbers are false so they’re very hard to trace,” said Sgt. Jeff Baird with the Quincy Police Department.

Norfolk thinks Monday’s caller was trying to gain a base of trust with the female employee, to possibly rob the store at a later date.

“I think the intent is to establish a working pattern with an employee in the building, use that to their advantage to get a system of a pattern and see if it’s worth their time to hit,” said Norfolk.

Along with telling the police, Norfolk says he’s going to re-train his employees on how to deal with situations like the one that happened Monday night.

Norfolk also wants to urge other business in the area to be on the lookout, especially during the holiday season.

Quincy police say if you ever get a suspicious phone call, whether at your business or at home, to hang up and call police.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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