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Fort Madison on high alert after car burglaries

FORT MADISON, Ia. – Some residents in Fort Madison, Iowa, are on high alert following a rash of car burglaries early Sunday morning.

“That’s scary,” resident Tammy Wright said. “That’s very scary.”

Police said the burglaries happened in the 1000 to 1700 block of Avenue F.

“We’re trying to determine how many vehicles got broken into and how many people are victims,” Captain James Carle with the Fort Madison Police Department said.

Carle said officers responded to a large volume of calls just before 7:00 a.m..

He said they took a suspect into custody who matched the description they were given.

Wright said it’s scary to think about, as she spends nights away from home working.

“That freaks me out,” Wright said. “I know you know that they’re there, when someone says there’s been break-ins, but when the police officers actually find them there, it’s scary.”

Carle said he wants to remind residents just how important it is to secure valuables.

“Just make sure your vehicles are locked,” Carle said. “Making sure your expensive personal items are taken out of the vehicles and that’s the problem that we have. We run into people who forget to lock their vehicles and leave keys in their vehicles.”

It’s a reminder Wright said she’s taking seriously, especially around the holidays.

“I lock my car, I never leave a purse inside, any valuables on dashes, on seats,” Wright said.

She said she’s glad the police took the suspect off the streets and hopes nobody has to deal with this again.

“Everyone is hurting, everyone is strapped for money anymore,” Wright said. “Everyone is stressed out around the holidays so why make their holidays worse?”

Officers said they’ve recovered numerous items of property including hand tools, power cords, keys and pocket knives.

They said if anything in your car is missing anything, call the Fort Madison Police Department.

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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