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Cyber Monday set to attract millions of shoppers

There is a good chance you will buy something online on Monday.

Around 68 million people are expected to shop online for Cyber Monday, according to the National Retail Federation.

Adobe Analytics expects Cyber Monday sales to increase 19 percent over last year.

Boyer’s Boot-N-Shoe in Quincy has sold online since 1999. Owner Gregg Boyer said the site brings in sales from people around the country and local customers.

Over the years, posts about their merchandise, especially boots have gone viral on apps including Pinterest and have helped boost sales, Boyer said.

“Learned a lot through the years, things have changed, since then originally we sold fleece-lined slippers to people in California, it was an odd thing, now it’s more local, looking for what we had in store and they look over our website to check things out,” Boyer said.

Boyer added to compete with websites like Amazon, who offer some of the same products, they offer additional services with the order, including break-in service for their boots.

The Quincy Better Business Bureau is advising people to shop smart online to help avoid their personal information from getting stolen.

Tips for the BBB include exercising caution on online deals that seem too good to be true, making sure to read the fine print for any hidden cost and checking the companies policy for storing your personal information once you buy something and think before you click.

“Always remember when you go online to shop, that you enter the address that you want to go to yourself.” Regional Director Mara Clingingsmith said.

“Don’t click on a link from an email attachment or social media, this way you can ensure you’re going to the right website there are a lot of fake look-alike websites out there and you can be fooled very easily.”

Clingingsmith added shoppers should make sure they pay with a credit card because it is easier to dispute charges. Also, make sure the device you are shopping with has anti-virus software, for an added layer of protection.

For more shopping tips from the Better Business Bureau click here.

Drew Brown

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