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Local businesses cash in on Cyber Monday

Billions are expected to be spent on this Cyber Monday and Tri-States businesses got in on the action.

Employee’s at Farm and Home Supply say it’s been a

They say it follows a streamlined process.

“When the e-comm orders go through the computer, these sheets of paper are generated,” employee Krissy Lambert said.

“Once we have the notification of that order in our hands, our website is tied to our Quincy Illinois store so we have to go out to the Quincy Illinois store sales floor,” E-Commerce Merchandise Manager Tom Grime said.

“They’ve got a PO number that we can look at to make sure we’re getting the correct item and sending the correct item,” Lambert said, “so you locate the item, put it in the cart, and then you take it back to commerce where it is boxed and shipped out.”

Grime said usually the whole process usually takes less than two days.

He said that’s pretty good for a company who came late to the online selling game.

“We started our e-commerce website in 2015 so we’re coming up on about four and a half years,” Grime said.

But Grime said the growing numbers speak for themselves.

“Last year was about $600,000 and prior to that it was about half of that,” he said. “It seems to double every year.”

Grime said true to form, they’re expecting to clear the $1 million mark this year.

“It’s been really busy this morning and probably throughout the rest of the day,” Lambert said.

Grime said he expects to move anywhere from 500 to 600 items on Monday alone, about a week’s worth of online sales at any other time of the year.

Blake Sammann

Blake Sammann is a reporter and weekend anchor at WGEM News.

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