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Quincy mayor reacts to numbers showing Illinois losing more population

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New numbers show Illinois' population has dropped in the past year, the largest annual decline in the past decade. Local officials fear the same could soon happen in Quincy, creating a trickle down effect in jobs and real estate.

Illinois Exodus; that's how some are referring to the latest numbers by the US Census Bureau showing the Land of Lincoln lost nearly 51,000 people for the year 2019.

"We know that as a state we have to do things differently," said Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore.

As far as a city, Moore says it's a battle of fighting against the tide of people leaving Illinois.

"We are really right in the heart of America and anything that a company would need, we have here in the State of Illinois," said Moore.

However, Moore says those positives tend to be overshadowed by things like high taxes and/or corruption at the state level.

"We have to talk about the intrinsic value Illinois offers," said Moore.

That value also has to be displayed for Illinois communities as well, considering the fact that Quincy has failed to substantially grow their population in the last 50 years.

If that trend continues, Quincy could see their own exodus of residents.

"Our companies identified over the next 10 years they're going to create an additional 3,200 jobs," said Moore. "The concern we have as city leaders is if our population remains the same or declines, who is going to fill those jobs? If companies aren't able to fill the open jobs they create, they're going to start looking elsewhere."

That report also says the state has lost almost 160,000 people in the past ten years, but there's no concrete reason why.

The report does list some consequences as losing federal grants, and lower property values, which could push property taxes higher.

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