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Illinois House GOP leaders call out Democrats on property tax relief task force

CHICAGO, IL - Illinois House Republicans are calling out Democrats leading the legislative task force focused on property tax relief. They claim the group is failing to address the real issues for Illinois taxpayers.

While the task force released a draft report of their recommendations Tuesday night, House Republican Leader Jim Durkin says it is too little, too late.

Durkin asked several members of his caucus who serve on the task force to address their concerns Wednesday morning. The Republican members claim the Democrats leading the task force ignored many of their suggestions and missed a key deadline after they had six months to work on the proposal.

"It is crystal clear to anyone that pays property taxes in the state of Illinois that we need serious reforms and we've needed them well, according to this, going back to 1975," said Rep. Grant Wehrli (R) Illinois 41st District. "But, yet, here we are with no action whatsoever on real reforms."

Leader Durkin claims members of the Democratic House majority only created the property tax task force to receive votes for Gov. JB Pritzker's progressive tax amendment.

Durkin says his caucus will put their tax relief ideas into legislation for lawmakers to review when they return to Springfield.

Mike Miletich

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