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Former McDonough County Sheriff detective enters theft plea deal

MACOMB (WGEM) — A former McDonough County Sheriff Detective and candidate for Sheriff is now permanently barred from working in law enforcement after agreeing to a plea deal in a case over his mother's estate.

Justin Lundgren pleaded guilty to a charge of theft, Class A misdemeanor, in relation to a battle with his siblings over their mother's estate.

Special Prosecutor Kristen Miller prosecuted on behalf of McDonough County.

Miller told the courts that in the summer of 2016, Lundgren knowingly took money from the estate of Mildred Lundgren without consent of the estate.

As part of the plea agreement, Lundgren is sentenced to one-year conditional discharge, pay all fines, cost and penalties, and restitution of $30,445 to the estate.

Lundgren also had to relinquish his law enforcement certificate and is permanently banned from working in the field of law enforcement.

Mark Schneider

Assignment Editor

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