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Lewis County man pleads guilty to statutory rape charges

Huckaby received a 12 year combined sentence in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

EWING, Mo (WGEM) — A Ewing, Missouri, man has pleaded guilty to two counts of statutory rape according to court documents.

43-year-old Jesse Huckaby received a combined 12-year sentence in the Missouri Department of Corrections for statutory rape and a previous conviction of possession of controlled substance after entering a plea deal on October 9 in Lewis County.

Huckaby originally received probation for the controlled substance charge however that probation has been revoked.

Lewis County Sheriff David Parrish reported on October 6, 2018, the sheriff’s office received information that an adult male was sending lewd photographs to two juvenile females. The sheriff’s deputies then posed as the juvenile females via text messaging or social media.

Huckaby then drove to a cemetery where he thought he was meeting the juvenile females for sexual relations.  Lewis County deputies then took Mr. Huckaby into custody.

Lewis Co. man arrested for statutory rape and meth

Mark Schneider

Assignment Editor

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