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RiSe receives state license, still no word on plans to open dispensary

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It's been two weeks since recreational marijuana became legal in Illinois and still no word on when the second Quincy dispensary will open.

On Wednesday, the state of Illinois gave the green light for RiSe to open, but the store is still closed.

The signs on the door at RiSe are the same as they were about two weeks ago.

It reads: Due to state delays, will not be open January first.

But as of Wednesday, RiSe has a state license.

Now that they have permission, residents want to know when and if they plan to open.

The state issued a “Secondary Site” adult-use cannabis license to RiSe in Quincy, but that's not what you see when you look at the signs on the doors.

"People are saying it's supposed to be like three months, four months, before we get another dispensary," Quincy resident Johnny Fox said.

Fox said the legalization of recreational marijuana isn't all it's cracked up to be, as he struggles to buy it at Herbal Remedies, the only operating dispensary in town.

"I've come here about three times as soon as it's been on and I get here and it's completely out," Fox said.

He said although you might not see long lines outside, Herbal Remedies still lacks product inside.

It's something he hope RiSe can help with when it opens.

"I'm not too happy," Fox said. "I'm happy it's legal, but I'm not happy that I can't get any of it, even when standing in lines. If we had another one, I'd be going to that one."

Fox said he hopes RiSe makes buying recreational marijuana easier for everyone.

"Hopefully there will be no standing in line and it's only three blocks from my house, so I will be there probably every day if I can be," Fox said.

WGEM has left multiple messages with RiSe. None have been returned.

State numbers show recreational marijuana sales in Illinois surpassed $10 million in the first five days of legalization.


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Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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