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Changes to how make up days for in effect for Missouri schools

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Many Missouri schools were out Tuesday because of the snow and ice over the weekend.

New this year, there are changes to how lost time will be made up.

Highland High School Junior Logan Covert didn't have class Tuesday, but we was at school anyway to help out with the basketball team.

He knows that he'll have to make up for lost time in the classroom, but the way that's being done is changing.

"I would prefer an extra hour to a day so we don't have to make up more days," said Covert.

The change means now make up time is measured in hours rather than days.

Which means instead of having to come in a whole extra day, schools could potentially make time up another way.

"Making my summer short is not fun because you don't have the amount of stuff you like to do or want to do during that summer," said Covert praising the idea.

While school administrators in Lewis County said they don't anticipate having to do anything like that this year, they said it could help when roads end up covered in ice for long periods in the future..

"Now districts have a little more leniency in how they make up," said Lewis County C-1 Superintendent John French.

He said they have built in days for weather right now so they wouldn't have to make up time yet, but if they end up having to, they have more options.

"If you're just short a few hours, you could extend the day for instance we have early release Wednesdays, we could possibly extend some of those Wednesdays to make back up the time that we would need," said French.

Covert said he likes the idea, but is concerned it isn't a once size fits all solution.

"Because people got work to do, and have to go to work after school because they have certain times they have to be there," said Covert.

Last year, schools were required to attend 174 days and 1044 hours, the law dropped the day requirement.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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