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Quincy teacher wins WGEM Golden Apple

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Quincy's St. Dominic teacher Donna Richmiller was awarded the WGEM Golden Apple Award for January.

Richmiller is in her thirty-sixth year teaching, and she's spent all 36 years at St. Dominic.

"I've always wanted to be in her class, so this is kind of a fun year," said eighth grade student Lizzy Blickhan.

Richmiller said her favorite part about teaching is spending time with her students.

"The kids, the kids, the down time I have with them," Richmiller said.

Richmiller's students say her passion and drive helps them learn.

"Mrs. Richmiller is a hard working teacher. She's always there when you need her," eighth grader Gab Terstriep

"I've been going early in the morning for two years with her and she's been helping me with math and science," student Ethan Rose explained.

"She doesn't just give you some work and tell you to do it. She'll like help you with it and actually teach you," Alli Tull added.

Long after Richmiller's students leave her classroom, they don't forget the impact she's had on them.

"She's very proud of her students and they have always been her family. I think they have all felt that and that's why so many of them come back and visit her," St. Dominic first grade teacher Molly Stroot said.

The proof of Richmiller's impact is in the pictures. Over the decades hundreds of Richmiller's students have come back to vist and placed their photo on her Wall of Fame.

"It just started with a picture of a student that started something cool when they graduated and went to high school or someone who went to West Point an invitation to their graduation," Richmiller said.

"She has pictures behind pictures. It's like if a team won state it's probably up there," Blickhan said.

Richmiller says when students come back it means everything.

"Absolutely everything. I tell them first thing you've just made my day," Richmiller said.

"I hope she never leaves because I always want to come back and visit her like the other kids," Blickhan said.

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