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Great River Honor Flight Donations 2020

Great River Honor Flight

We're proud of all of the people and businesses that have financially supported the Great River Honor Flight Network in 2020. We'd like to share the names of those people and businesses below.

Memorial Donations in Loving Memory of:
Lawrence Rowe - HF #1 - April 13, 2010
James "Dick" Carr - HF #27 - September 25, 2014
Warren Phillips
Charles Moss - HF #18 - May 9, 2013
Charles Cowan - HF #23 - April 10, 2014
Richard Paul - HF #2 - June 10, 2010
Lawrence Rowe - HF #1 - April 13, 2010
Robert Allen Stewart
Everett Sparks - HF #23 - April 10, 2014
Tom Booth
George E. Lane
Ted Grimmer - HF #36 - May 19, 2016
George & Barbara Bishop and George & Nadine Bishop
Virgil Steinkamp
Albert Stevenson - HF #17 - April 11, 2013
Merle Hellhake - HF #33 - September 24, 2015
Christine Agans
Bill Mallory
Don Perry - HF #21 - September 26, 2013
Ralph Eugene Griffith
William Finney - HF #19 - June 20, 2013
Robert Young
Robert Meyer - HF #36 - May 19, 2016
Dean Phillips
Merle Hellhake - HF #33 - September 24, 2015
James E. ("Eddie") Donley - HF #33 - September 24, 2015
Lon Daniel Hatton - HF# 47 - May 12, 2018
James C. Brown
Marvin Grandy
James E. Donley - HF #33 - September 24, 2015
Alva Grant - HF #14 - September 11, 2012
James Ray Fuqua
Dennis Nixon - HF #28 - October 23, 2014
James C. Brown
Rudy Hawe
Jerry Wiemelt - HF #30 - May 21, 2015
David L. Kendrick - HF #43, - June 24, 2017
Jeannette Geise
Melba Sue Snyder
Marilyn Ward - HF #44 - August 26, 2017
Rudy Hawe
Olive Cook
Frank Shanks
John G. Lewis
Keith Fleer
John D. Markey
John Lewis
John Duesterhaus
Dona Padavic
Mary Griffith
Melvin Faler
Deane Meinhardt - HF #37 - June 18, 2016
Charles Cowan - HF #23 - April 10, 2014
Claude R. Collins
Clarence Ivan Woods - HF #26 - August 28, 2014
Alice Tournear
James Brown 
Name City, State 
$1,001 to $5,000
Sts. Peter and Paul CongregationNauvoo, Ill.
The Lamoine Retirement LivingMacomb, Ill.
RW Cardella, Inc.Keokuk, Iowa
Hull Lions Club #427Hull, Ill.
Neighborhood Guys and Gals 4-H Club Winchester, Ill.
2 Doors Down - Randy and Anne Whited & Jan RunnerBlandinsville, Ill.
Dutch Country Living, LLCBloomfield, Iowa
$501 to $1,000
Arthur O. &Lela B. Lindsay Fund Grant - through the Community FoundationQuincy, Ill.
Steven ParkerQuincy, Ill.
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 947Fort Madison, Iowa
American Legion Post 192Kahoka, Mo.
Albert Stevenson Memorial - Douglas StevensonNauvoo, Ill.
Hannibal Elks Lodge #1198Hannibal, Mo.
LaHarpe Classic Car Show ReunionLaHarpe, Ill.
First Bankers Trust CompanyQuincy, Ill.
La Harpe Classic Car Show Reunion La Harpe, Ill.
$101 to $500
Susan OsterhautHannibal, Mo.
Neimann Foods Inc.Quincy, Ill.
Randy and Becky HillPleasant Hill, Ill.
Daughters of Lawrence RoweQuincy, Ill.
The Leindecker Family FundEwing, Mo.
American Legion Auxiliary - Dallas City, IL Dallas City, Ill.
Kevin and Joyce HeberleinBarry, Ill.
Corey and Sheena RamseyWest Point, Ill.
Prairie Construction and Contracting, LLCCarthage, Ill.
Doug's RepairCarthage, Ill.
Mike and Stacie PayneCarthage, Ill.
Harold and Lana HerdrichDallas City, Ill.
Craig and Christina MetternichWarsaw, Ill.
Rydell SchottCarthage, Ill.
Don and Melissa PalmerKankakee, Ill.
Centerettes Club
Scott and Tina KoontzQuincy, Ill.
Carol  Schultz and the Brandenburg Family Park Ridge, Ill.
Network for Good Austin, Texas
Brent WoodRushville, Ill.
DOT Foods, Inc. - TLC - Kelly RodgersMt. Sterling, Ill.
Peter and Kelly KirleyMount Morris, Mich.
Frank and Eleanor WrightGrass Valley, Calif.
Kevin and Wendy SwankHamilton, Ill.
Anonymous - Cash
Eric FinneyQuincy, Ill.
David FinneyQuincy, Ill.
Vernon and Stacey DuryHurst, Ill.
Evergreen HR Solutions, LLCQuincy, Ill.
Network for Good Southfield, Mich.
Patricia GrantEdina, Mo.
John and Carol HarkHannibal, Mo.
Dr. Leonard BiallasQuincy, Ill.
Jack, Jean and Leigh Anne LewisRaymore, Mo.
Dan and Brenda AxtParkville, Mo.
Kevin and Janet DeleonOverland Park, Kan.
Mike and DeAnne BuddeQuincy, Ill.
Brenda Ohnemus & Dean and Marvin
Kevin, Kathryn, Brett, and Madeline Douglas & familiesQuincy, Ill.
Network for GoodSouthfield, Mich.
Anonymous - Cash
$1 to $100
Cavanagh & O'Hara LLPSpringfield, Ill.
Mike and Janice VanSickleMacon, Mo.
Mark and Shelly Elliott and FamilyO'Fallon, Mo.
Larry DexterWarsaw, Mo.
Finnigan FarmHunnewell, Mo.
Doug & Mary Kay Hawley and Darlene BergmanCedar Park, Texas
Kent and Carolyn LaurichQuincy, Ill.
Matt and Karen PenningSpringfield, Ill.
Jina and Shane McClinticMonroe City, Mo.
Kay Spencer Tucson, Ariz.
Frank DexterHannibal, Mo.
Jane CalicotteHannibal, Mo.
Buddy and Beth TarletonHannibal, Mo.
Ron and Janet SpencerNew London, Mo.
Robert and Brenda HoffstatterBranson, Mo.
Russell and Linda  JamesKeokuk, Iowa
Ken HoltschlagQuincy, Ill.
Jerry and Rhonda ElliottPerry, Mo.
Carla ParisHunnewell, Mo.
Rudie and Joy SchappatLiberty, Ill.
Jon and Kay ObermannHannibal, Mo.
Jean Ellis PowersHannibal, Mo.
Bette and Paul WellsSpringfield, Ill.
Guyla Gay Gardner / Mary StaffordLee Summit, Mo.
Pam and Travis GoldenHannibal, Mo.
Todd and Roseanne HaysMonroe City, Mo.
Terence and Theresa TillSpringfield, Ill.
John and Sandra BrammerKeokuk, Iowa
Ewell and Harriet AndrewsBeardstown, Ill.
Michael and Prudy PattersonQuincy, Ill.
Gloria NorthcuttNew London, Mo.
Gary and Betty YageMonroe City, Mo.
Clemmie and Linda JamesMonroe City, Mo.
Nick and Henrietta HaysMonroe City, Mo.
Donna MayesMonroe City, Mo.
Dwight and Cele ShuckHunnewell, Mo.
Dennis DexterHunnewell, Mo.
Bob and Penny MusolinoQuincy, Ill.
Raymond and Rita WilkersonParis, Mo.
FrontstreamReston, Virginia
David and Cynthia BrunnerSpringfield, Ill.
Terry and Kathy AnastasQuincy, Ill.
Chris and Jennifer KirnQuincy, Ill.
Don and Janet BrannamMt. Zion, Ill.
Lori and James ScanlonColumbia, Mo.
William and Margaret DonaldQuincy, Ill.
Rick and Teena VeihlQuincy, Ill.
Steve McNayQuincy, Ill.
Brian and Michael WinterMacon, Mo.
Linda ShieldsQuincy, Ill.
Melba AgardQuincy, Ill.
Lisa BrandonQuincy, Ill.
Charlene WinkingGood Hope, Ill.
Maureen QuaroniMelfort, Saskatchewan
Frances BachHannibal, Mo.
Dave and Barbara HedrickLake Ozark, Mo.
David and Emily HedrickLake Ozark, Mo.
Ed and Becky HudgensLake Ozark, Mo.
Kevin & Vicki ColeLake Ozark, Mo.
Barbara and Rodney LabonteWarsaw, Ill.
Brock YuskisWarsaw, Ill.
Rev. Thomas SzydlikNauvoo, Ill.
Wisehart Investments, Inc.Carthage, Ill.
Ken and Kayla HaasNauvoo, Ill.
Bryan and Elizabeth ScheetzBurnside, Ill.
Kimberly LoganNauvoo, Ill.
Brent and Andrea SchmitzNiota, Ill.
Joshua and Trisha MitchellNauvoo, Ill.
Ethan HoffmanHamilton, Ill.
Karl and Nicole WheatleyHamilton, Ill.
Ramsey Financial Services, Inc.Bowen, Ill.
Trimble Auto PartsCarthage, Ill.
William and Kathy KayserPerry, Mo.
Karl and Sherlyn WheatleyCape Coral, Fla.
Rodger and Carol OwenChannahon, Ill.
Don and Sandra HillKewanee, Ill.
Douglas MarshallNauvoo, Ill.
Michale and Kelly SiegfriedNiota, Ill.
Ronald and Suzan PayneKeokuk, Iowa
Kurtus and Teresa MillerKeokuk, Iowa
Michael and Jennifer GrottsCarthage, Ill.
David and Lindsey HensonHamilton, Ill.
Lane and Angee SineleNiota, Ill.
Leroy and Patricia HensonNauvoo, Ill.
Michael and Jennifer GrottsCarthage, Ill.
Sharpe Real Estate LLC - Brenda YoungCarthage, Ill.
Mike and Stacie PayneCarthage, Ill.
Peter and Elizabeth WilsonNauvoo, Ill.
Stephen and Diane PainterLomax, Ill.
Mark and Jaime BentzingerSutter, Ill.
Mike and Erin HarrisNauvoo, Ill.
Mike and Erin HarrisNauvoo, Ill.
Anthony and Susan KnipeNauvoo, Ill.
Paul and Brandy GeorgeNauvoo, Ill.
Paul and Brandy GeorgeNauvoo, Ill.
FrontstreamReston, Va.
Jocelyn PriebeNauvoo, Ill.
Tony and Deborah BoylesCarthage, Ill.
Keith and Kelly FeikertBurnside, Ill.
Keith and Shari DurandDallas City, Ill.
Jerry and Lois MallettKeokuk, Iowa
Paul and Kristi ParrishNauvoo, Ill.
Gary and Elgin BerryNauvoo, Ill.
Allen and Linda BerryNauvoo, Ill.
Mae Dell Tate and Lindy AlsbrookDallas City, Ill.
Barb BechtoldQuincy, Ill.
Robert and Bonnie LairdMacomb, Ill.
James and Florine MillerMacomb, Ill.
Anna RainboltQuincy, Ill.
Lawrence and Judith SparksQuincy, Ill.
Gary and Sherry SparksQuincy, Ill.
Mark and Jeanne HillQuincy, Ill.
Vivian SparksEwing, Mo.
Shirley GoodingCamp Point, Ill.
Nedra AmerineMacomb, Ill.
John SticeQuincy, Ill.
Jim and Betty CrimQuincy, Ill.
Joan BrenemanQuincy, Ill.
Rita SparksQuincy, Ill.
Norma Swanson
Mr. & Mrs. Glen WaltonMendon, Ill.
Edwin and Kathy WilsonKahoka, Mo.
Hometown Journal - Joe and Lisa RobertsKahoka, Mo.
Lisa SpicerLuray, Mo.
John and Nadine BeckertKahoka, Mo.
Lee and Mary Ann LemmonWilliamstown, Mo.
Gene and Mary LindseyCanton, Mo.
Danny and Ozelma ShoupKahoka, Mo.
Dennis and Zarina BergmanKahoka, Mo.
Helen OwenKahoka, Mo.
Anonymous - Cash
Dolores MarkeyDallas City, Ill.
Charles and Linda SmileyMarion, Iowa
Leland and Lysa HopsonAngel Fire, N.M.
Charlene WinkingGood Hope, Ill.
Paul and Jessie MealiffQuincy, Ill.
Margherita SchutteQuincy, Ill.
Leona DietrichQuincy, Ill.
Jerry and Shirley DaggettQuincy, Ill.
Tom and Janel ShafferQuincy, Ill.
Clay and Deb BaugherQuincy, Ill.
Anonymous - Cash
Larry and Patricia SiwekQuincy, Ill.
Jack and Jan AlexanderWentzville, Mo.
Julia ParkRushville, Ill.
Tim and Janie SoucieTennessee, Ill.
Arlen and Cynthia BrittonColchester, Ill.
Lawrence Vondebur and Janice HodgeColorado Springs, Col.
Ernest and Linda HillerEast Peoria, Ill.
Roger and Yvonne OliverMacomb, Ill.
Dennis and Rosemary SimsMacomb, Ill.
Michael and Debra StambaughCanton, Ill.
Charles and Ruthi HillyerIndustry, Ill.
Blessing Hospital Quincy, Ill.
Mike and Janet MooreRushville, Ill.
Marcia SnyderRushville, Ill.
Nancy SchislerRushville, Ill.
Edward and Mary DavisRushville, Ill.
Rodney and Cari HillyerMacomb, Ill.
Kearby FarmsLa Prairie, Ill.
Keith and Cindy SheltsCamden, Ill.
Gary and Kathleen TroneRushville, Ill.
Teressa RogersMount Pulaski, Ill.
Gary and JoAnn KennedyCamden, Ill.
Beatrice ArtisCamden, Ill.
Roger and Alice RitcheyCamden, Ill.
Kay FitzgeraldRushville, Ill.
John and Leslie TroneMacomb, Ill.
Lela Allen and Tela MontgomeryCamden, Ill.
Pat ClaytonRushville, Ill.
Alberta BillingsleyRushville, Ill.
Nancy TolandRushville, Ill.
Charles DalyCamden, Ill.
B. J. JohnsonRushville, Ill.
Jerry GoosMarlow, Ok
Mark and Liz Brown & family
Peter and Patricia StewardSpringfield, Ill.
Charlene WinkingGood Hope, Ill.
Edward and Mary Jo JenningsBowling Green, Mo.
Dr. Dale and Susan ZimmermanMonroe City, Mo.
Connie RossChambersburg, Ill.
Anderesa SchroederJacksonville, Ill.
Gene and Mary Gordley, Matt and FamilyGriggsville, Ill.
Beulah PerryVersailles, Ill.
Farmers State Bank & Trust CompanyMt. Sterling, Ill.
Joe and Charlene CliffordMt. Sterling, Ill.
John and Florence HormanQuincy, Ill.
Daniel and Carol KelleyGreen Castle, Mo.
Gene and Linda McEnteeNauvoo, Ill.
Ronald and Sandra HarmanNauvoo, Ill.
Kevin and Wendy WilleyVersailles, Ill.
Charlotte Hannig and familyVersailles, Ill.
Gale and Peggy Bauch & Dale and LeAnn Bauch
Colleen HumphryHamilton, Ill.
Michael and Helen BurgerNauvoo, Ill.
Marlene RamboBullhead City, Ariz.
Jerry and Sue TomlinsonMt. Sterling, Ill.
Julie HolmesMontrose, Iowa
Nellie and Teresa McAllisterFort Madison, Iowa
Jayne EckhardtDallas City, Ill.
Donald AlexanderAugusta, Ill.
James and Janet NuessenQuincy, Ill.
Lori PostGolden, Ill.
Ruth BurlingCarthage, Ill.
Myrl and Ruth Bower-ShiremanQuincy, Ill.
Robert MyersAugusta, Ill.
Leslie PostGolden, Ill.
Hancock County Republican Central Committee
Sullivan Auctioneers, LLCHamilton, Ill.
John and Debbie FaulhaberCarthage, Ill.
David and Karen JanssenAugusta, Ill.
Robert and Rauna BrownAugusta, Ill.
Kim and Mary PhillipsColchester, Ill.
Gerald and Carol RobbinsQuincy, Ill.
Sharon HumkeQuincy, Ill.
Nona LongQuincy, Ill.
Ronald and Jeanette MyersAugusta, Ill.
Bruce and Marcia BartlowAugusta, Ill.
Roger ReuschelBowen, Ill.
Gerald and Marilyn MillerMendon, Ill.
Mark and Celia BussBowen, Ill.
Marian SchraderCoatsburg, Ill.
Gary and Karen EatonQuincy, Ill.
Dennis and Pamela WellsQuincy, Ill.
Darrell IppensenBowen, Ill.
Karon BuckertHamilton, Ill.
Mark LarsonMacomb, Ill.
Lillie WilcoxQuincy, Ill.
Doc and Jean PowersQuincy, Ill.
Richard and Deneen WhiteQuincy, Ill.
Pauline TenhaeffGolden, Ill.
Eddie and Carmen WalchPayson, Ill.
Joyce BussGolden, Ill.
Gerald and Marilyn MillerMendon, Ill.
Richard and Jean BowmanQuincy, Ill.
Randy and Janice RileyQuincy, Ill.
Brad and Anne DavisCanton, Mo.
Patsy Ribble 
Amcon Distributing EmployeesQuincy, Ill.
Jerry and Elizabeth DavisCanton, Mo.
Jerry and Marcia JobLaGrange, Ky.
Charles and Patsy MeyerQuincy, Ill.
Dr. Curtis and Kathryn FaubleQuincy, Ill.
Sharon MeyerQuincy, Ill.
Patricia SykesNagadoches, Texas
Bob and Ann SoltysQuincy, Ill.
Mike and Vicki EppersonPayson, Ill.
Larry and Brenda RempeBlue Springs, Mo.
John and Vicki Stiffey LaGrange, Mo.
Ronald and Mary MeyerKeokuk, Iowa
William and Darlene GibsonWoodson, Ill.
Dwayne and Jane FischerQuincy, Ill.
James and Janet HallQuincy, Ill.
Johnnie TobiasWest Point, Ill.
Ronald and Louise FishbackOsceola, Wis.
Ronald and Pauline UpperQuincy, Ill.
Robert and Anna MeyerQuincy, Ill.
Robert and Roberta WillisCanton, Mo.
Thomas and Rebecca BellQuincy, Ill.
Curt and Janet GarberSpringfield, Ill.
Ron and Jane GausQuincy, Ill.
John and Doris NewmanQuincy, Ill.
Robert ReadshawQuincy, Ill.
Rocky and Sandy RobertsSpringfield, Ill.
Nancy WalkerQuincy, Ill.
Norman and Sandra FunkeQuincy, Ill.
Jim and Maxine SmartCarthage, Ill.
D. Dwain PrestonQuincy, Ill.
Jeff & Marcia SorrillQuincy, Ill.
Richard Horner InsuranceCanton, Mo.
Network for GoodAustin, Texas
Just Give - Great NonprofitsWestport, Conn.
Davis Funeral  HomeCanton, Mo.
Jeff and Marcia SorrillQuincy, Ill.
Craig & Lisa Carter and Jeff & Tina Williams and Mike CarterHannibal, Mo.
Charlene WinkingGood Hope, Ill.
Richard and Judy HapkeClayton, Ill.
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald RundeTeutopolis, Ill. 
James and Mindy WolfLiberty, Ill.
Tony and Mary Jo GreenHannibal, Mo.
Theodore and Robin KoettersPayson, Ill.
Donald and Diana McClearyLiberty, Ill.
Lillie WilcoxQuincy, Ill.
Bruce and Mary CannellQuincy, Ill.
John and Jolene RobertsLoraine, Ill.
Michael and Kathy SorrillLiberty, Ill.
Ken and Tela MontgomeryMt. Sterling, Ill.
Jeffery and Kori LockeHannibal, Mo.
David DedertQuincy, Ill.
Diane DicksQuincy, Ill.
Roger and Terry SchreackeLiberty, Ill.
Roger and Nancy StaffGreenville, Ill.
Lyle and Janice WanerLoraine, Ill.
Rodney and Diana WilcoxChesterton, Ind.
Bill and Sherry BeckmanPlainville, Ill.
Transitions of Western Ill.Quincy, Ill.
Timonth and Carole CarrSavannah, Ga.
Curt and Becky St. ClairNew London, Mo.
Eleanor TerfordQuincy, Ill.
Kathi Jo BlackorbyQuincy, Ill.
Rick and Sandi TerfordQuincy, Ill.
Toni ParkQuincy, Ill.
Esther HendrenHannibal, Mo.
Terry and Diane HullHannibal, Mo.
Mark QuinnHannibal, Mo.
Jerry and Janelle FrankelUrsa, Ill.
Sharon FangmanBurlington, Iowa
Gene and Kim DrydenHannibal, Mo.
Charlene WinkingGood Hope, Ill.
Donald and Irene WilsonMurrayville, Ill.
Bruce and Dolly AthmanHannibal, Mo.
Don and Melissa PalmerKankakee, Ill.
Fidelity Charitable Donor Advised FundCincinnati, Ohio
Network for GoodSouthfield, Mich.
Nancy HouskaQuincy, Ill.
Craig and Tammy BrownCenter, Mo.
Knox County R 1 School DistrictEdina, Mo.
Ruth CragenCenter, Mo.
Craig and Tammy BrownCenter, Mo.
Karen and Rose StoneEdina, Mo.
James and Jane WindofferPlainville, Ill.
JoAnn NeuschaferCenter, Mo.
Chester and Carolyn PrimmBaring, Mo.
Annette HoskinsQuincy, Ill.
Rita O'ConnorPerry, Mo.
Marla RinneKearney, Mo.
Center Locker Service - Dennis and Debra McMillenCenter, Mo.
Eilene AndersonCenter, Mo.
Rodney and Peggy KinderPayson, Ill.
Judy RoseQuincy, Ill.
Hull Lions Club #427Hull, Ill.
Charlene WinkingGood Hope, Ill.
Neil and Fran EayrsCarterville, Ill.
Donald and Cheryl CarterJefferson City, Mo.
Butch and Sue Wiemelt and FamilyQuincy, Ill.
Fred OhnemusQuincy, Ill.
Mark Twain High School - Class of 1970 Carterville, Ill.
Brian and Laura HummerCenter, Mo.
Prairieland FS, Inc.Jacksonville, Ill.
Virginia HaydenQuincy, Ill.
Chad ScottQuincy, Ill.
Randall StarkQuincy, Ill.
Patrick HumphreyQuincy, Ill.
Jim and Debbie West and FamilyMendon, Ill.
Deann and Ronald YoungloveQuincy, Ill.
Anonymous - Cash
Bruce and Cynthia TossickQuincy, Ill.
William and Judy HeimPerry, Mo.
Lisa PetersonPerry, Mo.
Todd Keller and Rosamonde ParkerSwansea, Ill.
N.V. Seward and J. E. ShriverLoraine, Ill.
Darrell PlengeQuincy, Ill.
Tom and Kristen McKennaQuincy, Ill.
Sharon SandidgeUrsa, Ill.
Daryl and Susan CheneyCarthage, Ill.
Roger and Marcia EdwardsQuincy, Ill.
April and Jerry Kendrick
Jason BushMendon, Ill.
Tim and Connie BealorMendon, Ill.
Kathy and Kenneth LumbCentralia, Mo.
William and Donna WelshEwing, Mo.
Robert Mehl TrustQuincy, Ill.
Jack BunteQuincy, Ill.
Robert and Sarah RomanQuincy, Ill.
Janet BrownQuincy, Ill.
Jeff and Theresa SpearQuincy, Ill.
Randy StarkQuincy, Ill.
Larry and Joyce HoyesLaGrange, Mo.
Friends at J.C. PenneyQuincy, Ill.
Will and Kristin SpearQuincy, Ill.
Lloyd HoffmanLoraine, Ill.
Phyllis BrownQuincy, Ill.
Darlene FarranQuincy, Ill.
Don LarsonQuincy, Ill.
Cornel and Peggy AzoteaQuincy, Ill.
Network for GoodSouthfield, Mich.
William and Jean KorczKerrville, Texas
Charlene WinkingGood Hope, Ill.
Ruth TagueEdina, Mo.
Lillie WilcoxQuincy, Ill.
Richard and Carol HillbrennerFowler, Ill.
Anonymous - Cash 
Thomas and Sharon HolckQuincy, Ill.
State Street BankQuincy, Ill.
Gene and Roberta VincentQuincy, Ill.
Jack Sharkey and Sharkey TransportationQuincy, Ill.
Ray and Mary Ann HirstQuincy, Ill.
Ross and Sandra LoosQuincy, Ill.
Nadine UppinghouseQuincy, Ill.
Sharon Kay PowerShelbina, Mo.
Carol SteinbrecherQuincy, Ill.
Donald and Barbara RobertsonShelbina, Mo.
J.C. Penney Friends of Melba Sue Snyder
Kenneth and Barbara CantrellQuincy, Ill.
Network for Good Southfield, Mich.
Patricia and Jimmy StewartVenus, Texas
Charlene WinkingGood Hope, Ill.
Macomb High School Class of 1968 Macomb, Ill.
Alexander BrownPalmyra, Mo.
Joe and Veronica ThomasPalmyra, Mo.
Carol and Kelly Carlson & Pam KrollSarasota, Florida
Jody and Lisa Jacobs & Jim and Julie AngelHannibal, Mo.
Marion County Ambulance DistrictHannibal, Mo.
Karen TalkenOverland Park, Kan.
Brian and Deborah NaughtQuincy, Ill.
Dennis GrimmQuincy, Ill.
Gary and Kathy HadenQuincy, Ill.
Dolores Markey and familyDallas City, Ill.
Jim & Charlotte MeyerFowler, Ill.
Ron and Linda RaneyPalmyra, Mo.
Gary and Catharine CarpenterQuincy, Ill.
Gary and Tammy NelsonCamp Point, Ill.
Kendall Mt. Olive UMCShelbina, Mo.
Sharon BurwinklePalmyra, Mo.
Jon and Kay ObermannHannibal, Mo.
Glen and MarthaPalmyra, Mo.
Thomas and Jo ArnoldQuincy, Ill.
Cody and Bridgett BrowningLeonard, Mo.
Ed and Judy CoveyCamp Point, Ill.
Lucas and Caly CramseyQuincy, Ill.
James and Karla DuesterhausQuincy, Ill.
Charles and Georgene LynchIowa City, Iowa
Michael and Barbara ObertQuincy, Ill.
Randy and Mary Ann SimsLiberty, Ill.
Danya WheelerQuincy, Ill.
Lyndle and Sandra ClausLiberty, Ill.
Charles and Barb Burkhardt 
Sandy, Doug, and Brian Fessenden & familiesPalmyra, Mo.
Frank and Diane BaumgartnerPlainville, Ill.
James and Vicki CalvertQuincy, Ill.
Kevin and Kelly SmyserPalmyra, Mo.
Howard DisselhorstPalmyra, Mo.
Lowman Chapel Sunday School and Church FundShelbina, Mo.
John and Jacqulyn HessPalmyra, Mo.
Judy BarnettPalmyra, Mo.
Bill and Debbie MorrisPalmyra, Mo.
Shelby and Kay PughPalmyra, Mo.
James and Ann OhnemusFowler, Ill.
Ron and Pamela EftinkQuincy, Ill.
Ron Grawe - CashQuincy, Ill.
Steve and Paula MarshallPayson, Ill.
Dennis and Lana NeisenQuincy, Ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave RoemerGirard, Ill.
Bill and Peggy SteinkampCoatsburg, Ill.
Robert WinkeljohnQuincy, Ill.
Mark and Patricia CheffeyPalmyra, Mo.
Herbert and Darla BrocksmithPalmyra, Mo.
Maark and Kathy FunkenbuschPalmyra, Mo.
Jack and Janet CasonTaylor, Mo.
Danny and Kathy Perry 
Jim and Jane ChurchPalmyra, Mo.
Ellen GoodwinPalmyra, Mo.
Mike and Katie DankerQuincy, Ill.
Wayne and Judy FesslerQuincy, Ill.
Bill and Carol MastQuincy, Ill.
Tally and Gretchen McDonald Quincy, Ill.
Dick and Lois PetersPetersburg, Ill.
Pat and Evelyn SmithCamp Point, Ill.
JD and Marsha SpeakQuincy, Ill.
Robert and Judith SteersBarry, Ill.
Cathy WaterkotteQuincy, Ill.
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. OlsonPalmyra, Mo.
Eddie and Paula OlsonPalmyra, Mo.
Judy MillionPalmyra, Mo.
Alison ZumhardtPalmyra, Mo.
John and Marie BaumgartnerPlainville, Ill.
Jerry and Charlene Grawe Quincy, Ill.
Bette MarshallColumbus, Ill.
D. Dwain PrestonQuincy, Ill.
Earl and Sue RossmillerLiberty, Ill.
Eric and Becky Budde and familySpringfield, Ill.
Rick and Julie Bridal and familyChatham, Ill.
Jeremy and Sarah Deege and familyQuincy, Ill.
Dale and Wendy SteinkampQuincy, Ill.
Barbara SteinkampQuincy, Ill.
Jim, Lucy, and Dustin SteinkampQuincy, Ill.
Ryan and Stacy BollQuincy, Ill.
Linda PadavicQuincy, Ill.
Anonymous - Cash
Joseph PadavicQuincy, Ill.
First Christian Church of EdinaEdina, Mo.
Steve and Jean DisselerQuincy, Ill.
David and Elizabeth GriffithHannibal, Mo.
Thurman and Beverly KeppleMacomb, Ill.
Jason and Anne HarnerPalmyra, Mo.
Gary and Candria MooreQuincy, Ill.
Mark Loman and Karen KernsPalmyra, Mo.
Ivan and Da Vida WearQuincy, Ill.
Margie RoushQuincy, Ill.
Jeffrey and Barbara FunkenbuschPalmyra, Mo.
S. Diane MeyerQuincy, Ill.
Rovene MeinhardtKahoka, Mo.
John and Jane LeeserTaylor, Mo.
Charlene WinkingGood Hope, Ill.
David and Cindy SitomerLeawood, Kan.
Lori BasteanMadison, Wis.
Timothy WhiteQuincy, Ill.
August and Verna JacobsQuincy, Ill.
Don and Wilma Schreacke - Cash
Ed and Janet PowellQuincy, Ill.
Eugene and Judith NeisenQuincy, Ill.
AFSCME Ill. Retirees Sub Chapter 83Quincy, Ill.
Janice TaylorHouston, Texas
John and Leslie BerndsenBoston, Mass.
LaHarpe Classic Car Show LaHarpe, Ill.
Don MiddletonMemphis, Mo.
James HallMemphis, Mo.
Bonnie SchultzKirksville, Mo.
Paul and Linda MeierEast Moline, Ill.
Allen and Cathy TateQuincy, Ill.
Richard KuenzPerry, Mo.
David and Peggy HarrisBelleville, Ill.
Charlene WinkingGood Hope, Ill.
Ken WillinghamRocky Mount, Mo.
John and Eleanor NaughtClayton, Ill.
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