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“Typical Springfield solution”: Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association opposes gas station attendant bill


Springfield, IL - The group representing Illinois gas stations and convenience stores says they are against a bill that could bring gas station attendants back to the state. The Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association (IPMA) adds "there is no way" the plan would pass with the current language banning people from pumping their own gas.

IPMA CEO Josh Sharp says many of his members can't afford to hire attendants for their gas stations. He says this is a "typical Springfield solution to creating jobs."

"What we need in Illinois are less mandates from Springfield telling business owners 'Hey, here's how you should run your business. We know better than you,'" said Sharp. "What we need is more legislation in the state that takes more of a burden off business owners and makes it more attractive to come here and create jobs."

Sharp says many gas stations offer drivers options to get assistance, such as buttons and phone numbers to call. The bill's sponsor - Rep. Camille Lilly (D-Oak Park) - says she will be amending the proposal to better reflect her idea. Lilly believes her plan could help disabled drivers and large families with children in the car.

"This isn't job creation. This is just mandating that businesses do something."

Sharp says this seems like a solution to a non-existent issue and the plan would only lead to higher prices at the pump.

"Full service was always more and the reason for that is factoring in the labor costs. So, unquestionably the price would go up. This isn't job creation. This is just mandating that businesses do something," Sharp added.

The Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association is willing to work with Lilly on a plan to improve gas stations for disabled and elderly drivers, but they oppose the current form of the bill.

Mike Miletich

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