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Local firefighters say carbon monoxide risk rises as temperatures drop

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Winter weather has dangers other than frigid temperatures.

Local firefighters are warning about the dangers carbon monoxide can pose to you.

Station 3 firefighters say they responded to a call for possible carbon monoxide Thursday. It's something they see more often when temperatures drop.

"If you think you've had some kind of poisoning, open up the house, get to fresh hair as fast as you can and open up the windows," said firefighter Michael Dade.

With snow covering the ground, firefighters are offering what could be a lifesaving tip to protect you and your loved ones.

"When you have snow drop like we did. You gotta make sure that all of your vent exhausts are uncovered and that kind of thing so that all of the exhaust gases that need to get out of your house can get out," said Dade.

It's colorless and odorless which is why firefighters say to make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working and if you don’t have one get one.

Reggie Summers at ACE Hardware said they have a couple different types.

"You can buy them in combinations. This happens to be a smoke fire, and carbon monoxide. This one is strictly for carbon monoxide," said Summers.

Summers also advises customers to pick up a fire extinguisher to have handy in case a fire were to break out.

"Something around your stove area and maybe even around your electrical panel. Just make sure you have the right type of fire extinguisher for whatever your looking for," he said.

You want to make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector by your furnace and another one by where you sleep.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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