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Snow or ice may have caused hidden damage to your car


The snow and cold temperatures can have an impact on travelers, specifically your vehicle.

Neishaus Auto Owner D.J. Peters said there weren't many slide-offs Wednesday evening and Thursday. He credits early school release on Wednesday and people being used to driving in the snow now. However, he said there could be hidden damage to your car that you aren't aware of.

Peters said especially for low-lying cars there could be damage to the underside of cars due to hitting large chunks of ice or snow mounds created by snowplows. This could lead to a cracked radiator. He also added ice and snow accumulating on tires could become an issue.

"Snow and ice even when it starts to drop off in temperature can kind of build up extra snow and pack inside your wheels," said Peters. "What that does is add extra weight to your wheels and tires and it throws those tires off balance and kind of causes a shaking motion going down the road."

Peters said if the shaking does not stop after the snow and ice are gone, you should get it fixed.

You should check your batteries, especially if it's older, because in extremely cold temperatures like we are experiencing are when they would typically give out. Peters said most of their towings today were due to cars not starting in the cold.

Chelsea Smith

Meteorologist Chelsea Smith is part of the WGEM Storm Track Weather team.

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