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Flood delays at Taylor Bridge effecting other Marion County projects

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Marion County commissioners said they have a plan to deal with aging rural bridges but said it may take awhile to implement.

Residents said they hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Steven Gottman lives near the bridge on County Road 402.

"If we have a problem out here, EMS is either going to have to drive all the way around to get here, or I'm gonna have to meet them on the other side of the bridge," he said.

County commissioners said conditions are so poor, MoDOT downgraded the bridge's weight limit to five tons.

"A fire would probably be a bad deal," Gottman said. "They would never make it out here in time, whatever was burning would probably be gone."

Marion County Presiding Commissioner David Lomax said the 402 bridge is a high priority for them but due to circumstances beyond the county's control he said it might be awhile.

According to Lomax, the repairs on 402 are contingent on state and federal match funding.

"With the delays with the river being up so much last year it's put the construction behind, we've got to get the Taylor bridge done and signed off," Lomax said. "It's kind of a snowball effect as one has pushed the other one back."

He said they're doing what they can and are getting the plans in order on their own dime.

"So when we do finally get the funding turned loose from the Taylor bridge, we can say, 'Okay lets get on it and go,'" said Lomax.

Lomax said the 402 bridge was originally scheduled to be completed in 2020 but said the timeline depends on when work on the Taylor bridge wraps up.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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