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Horizons Soup Kitchen fundraiser helps fight hunger

Hundreds banded together to help fight hunger at Horizon's soup kitchen Sunday.

Holding their eighth annual Empty Bowls fundraiser, soup kitchen officials said there's a lot of need as one in five kids in Adams County, Illinois don't know where their next meal will come from.

"A lot of the time those folks are one emergency away from needing food assistance," soup kitchen and food pantry executive director Sarah Stephens said.

Stephens said 40 percent of people working in Adams County don't make enough to feed their family every day.

"Nobody is going to reach their full potential on an empty stomach, kids can't focus on their homework, parents can't focus on being parents," she said. "If we can help alleviate that hunger issue for families, it provides hope in their lives."

Volunteer William Spear said he also recognizes the need in the community, which is why he does his part to try to end hunger.

"For some people, they don't have enough to make every meal and make ends meet all week long," Spear said. "This is a great way to help people that have sort of a need for food and other items."

Organizers said hundreds of people attended the soup dinner and all contributed to the cause.

"We are so incredibly blessed to receive so many food donations," Stephens said. "We received almost 40 thousand pounds of food donations last year, food that might have otherwise gone into a dumpster. Here, we're bringing it to the table of our hungry neighbors."

If you missed Sunday's dinner and would like to donate to Horizons, you can donate here.

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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