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Road work ramps up as weather gets warmer

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Several city projects are starting up in-and-around Quincy, and if you haven't noticed, you likely will very soon.

"Road Closed." It's a sign you don't want to see when turning the corner on your way to work.

"It's very annoying. Going one way and then it being blocked and then having to go all the way around," said driver Haley Friday.

But as we head into spring and summer, officials said to expect these closures to take place more often. The city of Quincy has dozens of road projects and almost 200 sidewalk projects set to take place throughout this year.

"It could be shut down for an afternoon or a day or two. Some of them are longer obviously. We like to get projects done as quickly as we can," said city engineer Jeffrey Conte.

The sidewalk projects are under the city's comprehensive infrastructure plan which also includes road projects. Officials said that's in addition to yearly capital improvement road projects.

"It's going to be a very busy year this year," said Conte.

Officials said they plan to work with their contractors to sequence the projects in a way that allows them to limit inconveniences to drivers.

"I mean the roads need it so I guess it's for a good cause," said Friday.

That yearly capital improvement plan is still being modified. Officials said a final list of projects for it should be complete just before the budget is passed.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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