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Hannibal Mayor reinforces closure of non-essential businesses, asks residents to stay home

HANNIBAL (WGEM) - A release sent by Hannibal Mayor James Hark Thursday states he feels it is necessary to establish certain guidelines to attempt to protect residents against the spread of COVID-19.

"...after consulting with the Emergency Management Director and the City Manager as well as confirming Governor Parson declaring a federal emergency for the State of Missouri, I want to reinforce that all non-essential businesses in the City of Hannibal should close. Essential businesses may remain open. A list of those businesses identified as essential by the federal government has been posted on the City of Hannibal’s website and Facebook page."


In the release Hark also states, based on the increase of positive cases in the state and surrounding area, residents should shelter in place to attempt to reduce the number of cases in the community.

"This means residents should remain in their homes UNLESS you have a vital reason to go out or are part of the essential business workforce."

Mayor Hark

Hark asks residents with vital reasons to go out, such as getting food, gas, medical supplies or treatment, or other vital services, to limit those trips when possible and limit the number of persons on the trip.

Hark reminds residents to practice social distancing and good hygiene habits when visiting essential businesses.

Mark Schneider

Assignment Editor

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