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Learning continues during social distancing

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Tri-State teachers have adjusted their teaching style to accommodate an at-home learning experience for students during social distancing.

Allison Menz is a fourth grade teacher at Blessed Sacrament School in Quincy. She says the new shift has been welcomed all around.

Menz says, “My kids so far are responding very well... I have a mom that sent me a picture of her daughter who had just picked up her stuff yesterday and was already sitting at a desk ready to go because she was so excited to just try this new format.”

Kelly Terwelp is a parent who says it’s a bit of an adjustment, but it’s good that there’s still a sense of familiarity.

Terwelp says, “I think they’ve done good with keeping things very similar to what they would be doing within the classroom. A little bit shorter and a little bit easier to explain over the computer while they are trying to navigate from home.”

Her daughters have their own opinions on the matter.

Fourth grade, Leah Terwelp says, “I think it’s cool to have an opportunity to try something new to be able to do this online.”

First grade, Haley Terwelp says, “I think it’s really fun learning on the computer and doing this, but I miss my friends a lot, so I think it's more fun going to school and playing with my friends.”

Menz says not only are students learning in this process; teachers are too.

“I think right now teachers are getting a lot of cool tools and engagement opportunities through technology that they’re then going to take back to their classrooms as new ways to engage kids.”

Allison Menz | Blessed Sacrament Fourth Grade Teacher

Some tips for parents:

Menz says the best tip to keep students focused is to allow them to take breaks.

She says take this time to have family bonding time while also learning.
She says it makes it fun for both the parents and the students.

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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