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Staying active with at-home workouts

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While the gym you typically workout in is closed due to COVID-19, local fitness instructors said you can get creative at home to stay active.

They suggest alternatives like replacing a kettlebell with your backpack by adding weight and doing kettlebell swings. Also, doing do lunges down your hallway or doing laps around your home. You can put books on a cookie sheet to push around for a leg a cardio workout they suggested. They add you can use water bottles for a lightweight shoulder workout.

Johanna Voss, YMCA Membership and Wellness Director, said it's okay to not have the same workout routine right now. She said your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

"Our bodies and minds are under a different kind of stress just because of the pandemic we are going through," said Voss. "So, it's okay to take some time off, it's okay to have to do some self-care in other ways."

"The muscle that you were gaining in the gym and all of those gym gains, they'll come back. she explained. "they'll be there, you'll have time for that, but right now, it's really are you taking care of you? Are you doing what you need to do? And are you reconnecting with those people that live in that same household with you?"

To help you with your home workouts the Y fitness instructors said they will be posting workout videos to their YouTube channel. Also, they have a member-only Virtual Facebook group where they post 3 workouts a day throughout the week.

WGEM Staff

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