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Health officials reinforce stay at home order for Easter

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With Easter this weekend, there's even more concern about non-compliance.

President and CEO of Blessing Health System Maureen Kahn urges people to not host Easter dinner for extended family. She says people need to stay in their own homes.

"Because the minute we start increasing those social contacts, we start to make the impact of the disease and the potential spread grow within our community."

Maureen Kahn | Blessing Health System President and CEO

Kahn recommends video calls with loved ones, delivery for dinner, and mailing the candy and Easter egg, instead of hosting gatherings.

Kahn says its crucial that people obey the stay at home order because it's there to keep the community safe.

She says nobody expect the people you live with should be in your home.

"What we've done so far has been impactful and we want it to continue to be impactful and our plea to everyone is I know it's hard, but please try to continue and do it."

Maureen Kahn | Blessing Health System President and CEO

Kahn says to please remember the people on the front line because they're coming to work everyday for their community.

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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