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Local restaurants struggle to stay open amid stay-at-home order

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As the stay at home order lingers on, local businesses here in the Tri-States continue to struggle.

No more dining-in means decrease in orders so business owners have adjusted to customer pick-ups to keep them open.

Steve Rimi is a customer who said he couldn't imagine what it's like to be going through this, but he wants to help.

"If this was your business and you were hurting right now, wouldn't you be glad to have someone else making some effort to help you out?" he said. "These folks have just shown gratitude to me. They've just been glad as anything when I've come in so I'm glad to help them out."

Maya Mexican Restaurant owners said it's customers like that Rimi who keep them going, but it's their tips that keeps them open.

"Please try to tip the guys because I mean we have three guys working just for tips and I think it's very important for them," Consuelo Cobian said.

Cobian said they don't want to lay-off any of their employees but slow business is making it hard to keep up.

Cobian said they've been operating at 40-percent of what they would be normally and closure has become an unexpected thought.

"I was thinking maybe we need to close because I mean 12 orders in one day, is not business for nobody," she said. So the first two days were very very bad."

Cobian said she and her husband are putting in countless hours to survive and needs the community to shop locally.

Rimi encourages the community to do their part as he continues to do his.

"Go out and support your local businesses. They've been there for you, now it's time for you to be there for them."

Cobian said they've made changes to their schedule to accommodate changes in demand and will remain open.

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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