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Elective surgeries and procedures starting back up

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After six weeks of no elective surgeries, Quincy doctors are ready to start back up.

Blessing hospital officials say non-emergency surgeries were put on hold due to COVID-19.

In the process many employees were relocated to other areas of need.

Dr. Harsha Polavarapu, the Department of Surgery Committee Chairman at Blessing Hospital says now that things are slowing down at the hospital, employees are moving back to their departments and plans to start elective surgeries and procedures are on the table.

"The key thing is we're going to do this in a phased out manor and as we see that the processes are smooth and we're not seeing a second spike in the cases we're going to ramp things back up fairly quickly," Dr. Harsha explained.

Blessing and Quincy Medical Group officials say they will begin invasive procedures on May. They'll resume elective surgeries on May 11th.

"The physicians will have more access to the operating rooms and they'll be able to more fully work down their back log of cases," QMG's Chief medical officer Dr. Richard Schlepphorst said.

Dr. Schlepphorst says they have a plan to transition safely.

"Patients will be tested preoperatively to make sure that they're COVID-negative. Patients are also being asked to quarantine in the period of time between their test and when they do their procedure," Dr. Schlepphorst explained.

As far as rescheduling, Dr. Harsha said ,"The surgeons office is going to contact the patients in terms of when their procedure is going to be."

Dr. Harsha says there's a priority list based on a patient's condition and current factors that determines who will be receiving surgery first.

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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