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Lampe residents awaiting COVID-19 testing results

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There's a major effort underway to track cases of COVID-19 that could be related to the death of a woman who tested positive at the Lampe Hi-Rise apartments earlier this week.

Officials said they're sending off tests from as many people as they can who live here at Lampe after they brought their mobile testing clinic here today.
Residents say they're glad the issue is being taken seriously.

"I'm glad [for it] they're going to be putting a rush on it to make sure my friends and everyone in the building is safe," said Lampe Resident Joe Sopp.

Hes aid he was there when it happened, calling 911 when he found his neighbor collapsed in the elevator.

She later died after testing positive for COVID-19.

He said he got tested Tuesday, and it came back negative.

Sopp said the other residents getting tested today are also getting a quick turn around.

"The health department told me they were going to bring it up to Springfield. That way it can come back maybe Saturday," said Sopp.

SIU Physician Dr. Michael Connolly was there conducting tests.

He said it's critical to get as many people tested as possible inside the building.

"Since they are in close quarters and a lot of communal setting, trying to figure out anyone else that may have been exposed or is positive becomes very important from a contact tracing standpoint," said Dr. Connolly.

According to Dr. Connolly, this fast and large scale reaction is something that wasn't possible just a few weeks ago.

"Now we have the availability of the test, and the supply chain looks like it's opening up a little more, so we can come in and test a hundred people," said Dr. Connolly.

Another Lampe resident Andre Brown said while it's scary to think about how close by a positive case was, he's glad officials are responding appropriately.

"They need to test everybody, they really do, they need to find out who has it and have them follow directions and do what they need to be doing," said Brown.

Dr. Connolly said they're pushing testing for people who are showing symptoms or who are at high risk of exposure, the latter of which everyone at Lampe qualifies for.

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