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Moore: Pritzker’s Restore Illinois plan will cripple Quincy economy

Quincy - Kyle Moore- 05062020

QUINCY (WGEM) — Adams County Board Chairman Kent Snider and Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore held a press conference on Wednesday to express concern with Gov. J.B. Pritzker's Restore Illinois Plan.

Mayor Moore stated that adhering to the Restore Illinois plan as it stands now would cripple Quincy's economy.

The Mayor also said that his concern with the Restore Illinois plan is that it would have goals that always seem to be moving and at the local level, people would stop listening and stop taking precautions that are necessary to keep residents safe.

Since March 16th our community has made sacrifices to keep us healthy....and it has worked. Together we formed a...

Posted by Kyle Moore for Mayor on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Moore requested that the governor make three modifications to the reopen Illinois proposal.

Rationalize the state by the Emergency Medical Service Regions rather than the proposed regions.

Under this proposal, Moore said, Quincy would be included in District three which would include 18 counties. The governor's current plan places Adams County with 39 other counties and cities like Champaign and Danville.

Moore said it is highly unlikely that a surge for hospital rooms in Danville will mean we couldn't treat patients in Quincy.

Adopt the 14-day measuring window to reopen counties as recommended by federal experts.

The governor's current plans uses a 28-day measuring period to determine if a community can move to the next phase. This is 14 days longer than the recommendation given to us by federal experts, Moore said.

Begin the medical measuring period at March 20. The date of the original stay-at-home order.

The governor's current plan begins measurements on May 1

Moore said this is an arbitrary date that fails to recognize the sacrifices made by Quincy residents during the State of Emergency order.

Moore said under the current proposal, Adams County would not be in Phase 3 until at least May 28. Quincy small businesses, restaurants, and churches would not be open under the current plan until, most likely July 4.

Moore said because of the low disease burden in the community, the community should be authorized to be into Phase 3 on May 9.

With Adams County's close proximity to Missouri and Iowa, two states that are already in the process of opening, Moore said there would no doubt, be more people leaving than coming to Adams County.

Moore said, "I stand with a sensible approach to reopen our communities, but the Reopen Illinois plan is not the proper approach for Adams County."

Moore and other local leaders stopped short of encouraging people to defy the governor's order.

Moore said many local businesses risk losing their licenses if the disobey the order.

Governor Pritzker responded Wednesday to push back over his 28-day phasing. He said while his plan has more days between phases, it has different criteria than the White House plan.

For example, Pritzker said the infection rate is flat in Illinois, not declining. He said the White House plan calls for a decline before starting the days. If the state were to follow the White House plan, Pritzker said Illinois would not have even begun the 14-days yet.

Instead, Pritzker said he's watching hospital beds and the ability to provide healthcare in the state. He said if that's stable over 28 days, regions can move to the next phase.

Jim Roberts

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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