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City responds to concerns about sewer issues in the Curtis Creek neighborhood

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Frustrations mount for neighbors around Curtis Creek in Quincy on Wednesday.

They're still cleaning backed-up sewage out of their homes, after Tuesday's heavy rain.

They question why the city is dragging its feet on fixing its out-of-date sewers.

Jason Baum has lived off of Curtis Creek in Quincy for seven years.

Baum says he has spent about $13,000 repairing damages to his basement from water that's not coming from the creek.

"We'd like to get answers other than just we'll check in to it with this person or we'll check into it with that person and there's no feedback," Baum said.

Quincy Director of Utilities Jeffrey Conte said redoing the sewer line would cost the city about $20 million, which he says the city doesn't have, and may not be effective long-term, as Quincy grows.

"So I think we really need to approach it from a different way and that's where the over-head sewage connections come in," Conte said.

He adds there is an idea to install pumps in basements.

Water would flow to manholes and out to the streets.

But, Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore says there are no immediate plans to update the sewers.

"We certainly know that we need to be cognizant as there are future development to make sure that there's proper storm drainage out there," Moore said. " That may raise the cost of development, but we certainly see the delayed consequences of inaction here with this."

Neighbors remain frustrated.

"I understand that it takes a lot of money to replace that infrastructure, but it is hurting us it is hurting our neighbors, " Baum explained. "This is the second year in a row that we've had to deal with sewage in our basement. Not just rain water, but sewage."

Conte said this issue will be discussed at the utilities committee meeting Thursday afternoon.

The goal is to figure out the next steps for the city.

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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