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Firework demonstration for what not to do on the 4th of July

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Local firefighters encourage you to celebrate the 4th of July with safety in mind.

This comes after a Quincy man was injured by fireworks just a few days ago.

Quincy Fire Department firefighters did a demonstration to show what can happen when you let your guard down.

Lieutenant Jerry Mast said a man was rushed to the hospital after a firework exploded in his hand.

"A gentlemen using an explosive firework had it go off in his hand causing some significant tissue damage needing EMS care." Mast said. "If it goes boom, you can't have it in Illinois. If it just emits sparks, colorful sparks, that fine, or smoke, but it can't go boom."

It's not just the illegal fireworks that are dangerous. Quincy firefighters said even the legal ones here in Illinois can be harmful if not handled with care.

"In Illinois your sparklers, your fountains, those things are legal, but they come with a burn risk," Mast explains. "It doesn't take a long touch to the skin to cause significant burns for children."

He said sparklers can get up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are enjoying legal fireworks, firefighters said children should always be supervised by an adult and do not wear loose clothing that could catch fire.

You should also have something to put out a fire nearby, like a garden hose or fire extinguisher.

"So safety first right, we want everybody to enjoy the fourth of July weekend, have a good time and enjoy the freedoms that the country offers, but with that said we also want to make sure everybody does that safely." Mast said.

Fireworks laws vary across the Tri-States.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources said you could face a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine for violating the Illinois Explosives Act.

In Missouri, any firework sold legally with the labels UN0336 or 1.4G are legal to shoot off, but different areas could have different fireworks rules.

In Iowa, fireworks are legal to shoot off at certain points in the year and at certain times of the day.

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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