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Check your AC unit before its too late


Local air conditioning units are working overtime in this heat and if yours break you could be facing the heat for a while.

Alycia Wittler says staying hydrated, out of the sun and in the shade isn't enough to keep cool in this Quincy heat.

She says her mother needs AC but her 26 year old system isn't running like it used to becase it was low on refrigerant.

"It's still running it's just not cooling as well as it did and mom's almost 90 and so she noticed it a few days ago." Wittler said.

An HVAC technician with Keck Heating and Air conditioning says not properly maintaining your AC units can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs

"Make sure your bushes and all that are away from the unit and take a garden hose to it and just wash it out, make sure its clean and then change your filter." Edward Scranton said.

Scranton says the most common AC problems this time a year comes from poor maintenance.

He says mainitaing those two things should allow the unit to run more efficiently, saving you money on repair cost.

"If you do those two, hopefully you won't see me, but even with that, the best new system right now are being pushed hard." Scranton said.

He says raising your thermostat to above 72 degrees could also lessen the load on the system.

Wittler says her brother installed a window unit until the AC is back up and running properly.

"The house isn't that big, but we're keeping the house cool enough, but you can tell it needs a little boost of some AC." Wittler said.

Scranton says now is the time to get your AC checked out. Don't wait until temperatures get even hotter if you're having problems now.

He says another reason not to wait until it's too late is because there's a waiting list.

People who don't have AC at all are the top of the list and those just wanting a check come after.

Tips to help keep your AC running through high temps ahead

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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