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Facebook group is making a difference in Quincy

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A Facebook group of 865 women are making it their mission to give back during a time many people may feel discouraged.

Mississippi River Baskets organizers say the group was initially created as a gift giving group for women and now they have hopes to expand to even more.

Today is Shawna Ditto's 41st birthday. She says opening her door to see members of the group standing before her, made her day.

"Knowing I still have people really makes a difference," Ditto said.

The organizer of the Mississippi River Baskets Facebook group says a message of 'giving is better than to receive' is a message she hopes inspires more people.

"People want to do good and that's what needs to be spread that there are people that are trying to do good and a little bit of good just goes so far," Jessica Jones said.

Jones says to have started in May and have hundreds of woman giving regularly is surprising.

"People's walks in life are really hard and this group really makes it a little bit easier." Jones added, "It takes a little load off, it takes a little weight off."

Tania Allen says that was the case for her.

"Besides having a baby seven weeks early and my car broke down and it's like what am I supposed to do," Allen said.

In her time of need she was gifted.

"They sent me some money to help me get my car fixed and to just to bless me," Allen added.

Allen and Ditto say now they want to do the same for others.

"We're also giving to other organizations not just baskets to individual women," Allen explained.

"Makes you want to go out and do it. You know I mean the world needs better people and to bless somebody, makes somebody's day," Ditto said.

Mississippi River Baskets organizers say the next step is to raise donations to become a non-profit organization to open doors for more resources to give on a larger scale.

They encourage women that want to be part of the group to join their #MississippiRiverBasket Facebook page.

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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