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COVID-19 spike affects Adams county testing supply

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The rise in COVID-19 cases puts more strain on Adams County health care providers.

Officials say more testing can mean more wait time for results, but can also mean an impact on test supplies.

Blessing Health System Chief Quality and Safety Officer says they offer two type of tests.

One for out-patients that gets sent to Lab Core and results return in two days.

And rapid tests for in-patients that return results in one to two hours.

But Dr. Mary Frances Barthel says the spike in cases across the nation affects their rapid-testing supplies.

"We have a contract where we're supposed to receive 120 kits a week, but we have not received any new kits in about three weeks because of the increase demand," Barthel said.

The Chief Medical Officer at Quincy Medical Group says they have a new initiative to speed things up.

"This is is new for us today. We developed a relationship with a new vendor and we found a reference lab in St. Louis that can accommodate our volume and that'll be one to two days and that courier starts today," Dr. Richard

Schlepphorst says they're dealing with a similar issue in test kits availability, but this change will cut down on their now two days to two weeks turn-around.

"The test that we do in our own lab in-house we only get shipped a small number of those every two week period a time. So the number of tests we can actually do in-house is limited by how many test they can make," Schlepphorst explained.

Barthel says they're switching gears to combat the shortage.

Reserving rapid-testing kits for sicker in-patients.

"We made that decision strategically so that we would have enough so that our hospital operations wouldn't be affected," Barthel added.

Officials at Blessing say they also plan to have an open platform PCR testing lab to expand their in-house testing capability.

If you suspect you may have been exposed to COVID-19 and want to get to tested you should call: Blessing COVID-19 Hotline: 217-277-3504 QMG COVID-19 Hotline: 217-277-4001

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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