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Missouri voters say COVID-19 precautions ease worries at polls

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Voters said with the precautions election judges have been taking, COVID-19 has been a minimal concern for them.

Election judges at the combined 4th and 2nd ward 2nd precinct in Hannibal said it has been a typical primary election, even though 2nd ward 2nd precinct voters have been using this alternative location due to COVID-19.

Voters who came out said they're glad to see election judges wiping down surfaces and encouraging social distancing.

"You know we didn't even think about it until I got to the door then we thought oh shoot, we don't have our masks," said Missouri Voter Sandra Jones.

"People want to wear masks, that's fine. Judges have masks too if they want to wear them. We've been cleaning every half hour or so, wiping down the pens and stuff," said 4th District Supervisor Judge Chris Hull.

Around 1600 4th ward voters are registered to vote, at around 6 P.M., over 200 voters had came out.

At the same time, almost 200 2nd ward, 2nd precinct voters of around 950 voters total had been out to vote.

Election officials said part of the reason the polling place for the 2nd ward 2nd precinct was moved from Douglass Community services is to keep clients there who are looking for food or other assistance safer.

Hannibal city council has approved a request for almost 325-thousand dollars of cares act funds from the marion county commission for covid-19 relief related to first responders wages.

Hannibal city officials said they decided on the amount by looking at the wages of police and firefighters during that time….Minus benefits and administration…Then halved that, to reach the amount they requested.

Hannibal mayor james hark said while they could apply for more of the roughly 800-thousand put aside for assistance like this in the county…They

Mayor james hark, hannibal
"Just asking for a small portion of it to help offset some of our costs, and that will also allow the county commission to look to the other muncipalities and other communities to deceminate to them, because they have a need as well."

City officials said they worked with the mark twain regional council of governments and legislators to make sure their request checks out before putting it to a vote tonight.

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