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Lee County crash alerts drivers to work zone safety

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Road construction moves forward on Highway 2 in Lee County, one day after two people lost their lives.

Chief Deputy Will Conlee, with the Lee County Sheriff's Office, says the crash is a reminder that drivers should always pay attention in a work zone.

"Don't tailgate and watch for brake lights. This is very important, pay attention to your surroundings. Follow what the flaggers are telling you to do. Do the speed limit. Listen to the road. If they are doing roadwork things are going to change."

Will Conlee | Lee County Chief Deputy

Deputy Conlee says when you're driving. There is one thing everyone should be doing.

"Stay alert and minimize distractions. Stay off your phone. And pay attention to what's in front of you."

Will Conlee | Lee County Chief Deputy

Conlee says drivers should be prepared because the conditions in a work zone could change at any moment.

"You may have to drive on the shoulder. You may have to drive in the other lane. Just slow down and pay attention."

Will Conlee | Lee County Chief Deputy

Conlee reminds drivers that moving violations in work zones carry some of the stiffest penalties.

"Were they stopped because of construction? Were they not paying attention? Was it something they did?"

Will Conlee | Lee County Chief Deputy

All questions investigators work to answer, as they investigate what went wrong here last night.

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Jayda Hill

Jayda Hill is a Multimedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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