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QPS officials asking parents to have at-home learning plan in place ahead of school year

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Quincy School Administrators are asking you to have alternative plans in place in case students have to start learning from home, and they said realistically speaking, that could happen at any time.

While school administrators said they want kids to be in class, they said if an exposure happens or orders come down from the state, they might have to move to distanced learning at short notice.

Parents said there's a lot of difficulties they could face.

"My kids are older, and you hope they have the responsibility to do that, but as teenagers. You know, it's hard to keep them on task make sure they're getting their work done," said QPS Mom Brenda Hill.

She said even though her three teens are older, the idea of learning from home is concerning as both her and her spouse work.

Hill said she knows she doesn't have it the worst however.

"Friends of mine who have younger children, they need daycare. Is your daycare provider gonna do the online learning for you while your work, or do you have to leave work and come home?," asked Hill.

QPS superintendent Roy Webb said he understands the concerns.

He said the district will do what it can to alert parents ahead of time, but he said they can't be ready for everything.

"You know, our plan is to have that in person option and that's important to us. It's important for our kids, our community. Most of the parents are choosing in person. So, we want that but if forced to parents need to have a plan," said Webb.

He said if people are having trouble, there's potential resources in the community.

"I know that there are some organizations and churches around town that are doing things for remote learners so you may want to reach out to them and talk with them," said Webb.

Hill said she's just hoping for the best.

"I'm just gonna do the best we can, you know, and try to support the Quincy public schools, or if you're in the Catholic program, you know, just try to stay safe, safe and healthy," said Hill.

QPS officials want to remind parents that registration is ending Monday, they said they're using that information to determine how many teachers are needed for both online and in class learning.

They're also asking parents to avoid depending on the bus system for transportation if possible.

School officials said if you do need buses they will be available, but they're trying to keep buses available and safe for those who need them most.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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