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Storms knock out internet for Iowa businesses

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Mediacom customers in Keokuk said their internet went out around 11:00 a.m. on Monday, as severe storms rolled through the Midwest, knocking out power to over one million people.

Gate City Seed Company owner Paul Maerz said he's lucky to have CenturyLink at his business, but he has Mediacom at his house.

"I've been calling, calling trying to find out, get an idea of when internet may be on," he said. "Our TV service is on internet as well as we use internet a lot like everyone else does, I mean, your whole house runs on internet."

He said what he's heard hasn't been encouraging.

"Listening to other customers online, the last thread I was looking at through the internet down here, customers are told four days," Maerz said.

He said that can be a very long time for businesses that rely on internet for basic services.

"Your credit cards run on it, and of course all of our billing, ordering, all these things go on the internet as well, so it's hard to live without it," Maerz said.

Businesses said they've had to revert to cash only to keep money coming in.

Maerz says despite the trouble, he's thankful the area was spared the damage seeing in other communities across the state.

'I think it's just very fortunate that we haven't had the damage right here, that the problem we're having now is quite a distance away so we are very fortunate in this area," he said. "So I think we need out sympathies to go out to the people that are really in the midst of all this trouble right now."

Residents also say they've been having trouble with US Cellular.

US Cellular posted on Twitter they're working to fix the damage.

Mediacom also posted they're working to fix fiber cuts across the state.

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Blake Sammann

Blake Sammann is a reporter and weekend anchor at WGEM News.

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