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Changes at Fort Madison Schools for First Day of Classes

Fort Madison students are going back to school on Friday.

Just like everyone else, they are also dealing with a lot of changes due to COVID-19.

The district said students will have to wear masks in the classroom when social distancing can not happen, on the bus, in the hallways, and on the lunch lines.

The district also says face masks are recommended during recess for grades Kindergarten thru 5th.

The district set up a full support team for remote learning.

Here is the information about the drop off plans at the schools in the morning:

Drop Off at Lincoln Elementary

For the safety of our students and the convenience of our parents, at least two staff members will be on Avenue E in the mornings to help students out of their car and to the playground.  This will hopefully keep traffic moving smoothly through our “Drop off Zone.”  Teacher’s lines are spread out and students have X’s to stand on for social distancing. 

Door #1 is Nagel, Terrell, Bothell and Cheney. 

Door #2 is Martin, Ridgway, Wheeler, Cashman, Woolever, Wibbell. 

Door #3 is McClellan, Hellige, Howard, and Billingsley.

If you wish to get out of your car and stand with your student, or let them play after school, please park in other areas. We would highly recommend masks on before and after school because of parents waiting. Parents will not be able to come into the building and walk their child to their classroom on their first day of school. There are NO associates on the playground until 7:45. This will be enforced between 7:45-8:15 each morning. There will be orange signs to help parents remember. If you have any questions, please call Lincoln School at 319-372-2896. There will be a table set up outside door #1 for lunch money on August 24th and August 31. Ms. King will be there assisting. 

Thanks for your cooperation,

Tracy King, Lincoln Elementary School 

Drop Off at Richardson Elementary

Start of Day and End of Day Routines 2020-2021 Trimester 1

Protocol Expectations: 

  1. Parents are to call the school to make an appointment with the office, teachers, or teacher teams for any needs that require access to the building.  Parents will not be allowed into the building during Trimester one without an appointment.  
  2. Face Masks are highly recommended at both arrival/drop off and dismissal/pick up when on school property as there will be an increase in the number of people occupying outdoor space on school property at this time. 
  3. Arrival/Drop Off and Dismissal/Pick Up routines look very similar to past years.  We have put in place physical distancing measures and health mitigation measures (i.e., recommended face mask use, signage on the ground for “one way” travel, etc.)

Arrival/Drop Off – Please refer to the drop off protocols within the newsroom.  Face masks are recommended for students at arrival/drop off.  Students either go onto the playground or enter at Door #2 if they are going to have breakfast.  Doors are unlocked at 7:30 for students to enter for breakfast.  All the children will line up at their designated Entrance/Exit Location when the bell rings at 8:10 a.m. and they will be escorted by staff to their respective grade level locations.  (Note:  There is no food service on 08/21/20 for 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. B group attendance).

Dismissal/Pick Up – Pick Up for walkers and parent/caregiver drivers occurs at each child’s designated Entrance/Exit Location.  Children will be wearing masks during their dismissal.  

Entrance and Exit Locations by Grade Level and Teacher

Johnson (Kdg) – Door #11 within the playground area.

Hoenig (Kdg) – Door # 10 within the playground area.

Woodley (Kdg) – Door #10 within the playground area.

Sheehan (1st Gr) – Door #9 within the playground area.

Reu (1st Gr) – Door # 8 within the playground area.

Trout (1st Gr) – Door #6 within the playground area.

Hardin (1st Gr) – Door # 4 near the bus drop off on 34th street. (Next to the gym door).

Neaves (2nd Gr) – Door #1 on the Ave. L side of the building.

Blanchard (2nd Gr) – Door #1 on the Ave. L side of the building.

Denning (2nd Gr) – Door #1 on the Ave. L side of the building.

Vincent (3rd Gr) – Door #14 on the 33rd and Ave. L corner side of the building.

Jones (3rd Gr) – Door #14 on the 33rd and Ave. L corner side of the building.

Larson (3rd Gr) – Door #14 on the 33rd and Ave. L corner side of the building.

Hennigar (3rd Gr) – Door #14 on the 33rd and Ave. L corner side of the building.

If you currently drop your student off on 34th street please see the picture above. Drop off is located at the north end of the parking strip on 34th street. There will be a stop sign and pedestrian crossing paint lines clearly marked. We will have crossing guards on duty as well. Parents are to “pull to the curb” where students will exit their parent’s car and immediately walk onto the school property. Drop off can be completed on both sides of the street within the white lines as the crossing guard staff will be available to walk students across the street safely from parent vehicles. At this point, they may either go to the playground or have breakfast. If there is inclement weather students will walk to the gym and remain indoors until they are dismissed for class.

Please do not drop off in the no parking zone or the bus drop off zone. This drop off protocol has been developed with student safety in mind and we thank you for your patience when taking part in the student drop off in the morning.  Please make plans to start your morning routines a little earlier this year as you may have to wait a short period in the drop off car line. If you have any questions, please call Richardson Elementary at (319) 372-2765.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Adrian McKay, Richardson Elementary School

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