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Concord Cabinets donates table saw to Liberty High School

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LIBERTY, Ill. (WGEM) — When it comes to using a table saw in wood-shop class safety is often the top priority.

Owner of concord cabinets Greg Daggett says this new table saw he donated will allow students to work more safely.

“The saw has flesh sensing technology. So if your skin comes in contact with the blade. Instantly or in micro-seconds a cartridge locks the blade up and it drops so it doesn't damage the skin of a person," said Daggett.

Dagget says he saw a need at Liberty and was compelled to donate.

"It's such a safety factor that they didn't have it. And then I've been having a good year so I felt the need to help the school out with the safety."

The Liberty Agriculture Education teacher Steve Buyck says it eases his mind. When students can walk through those woodshop doors, and do their work safely.

"It's mainly for the safety of the students. Because we can have our old table saw and still teach the skills. But now there is a level of safety involved with it and it eases my mind during my day."

Steve Buyck | Liberty Agriculture Education Teacher

Choosing Liberty High wasn't hard for Dagget, because this school means more to him.

"I did this partly to at Liberty. Because my dad taught for twenty-six years here. And started thinking about how some of these kids are probably grandkids or kids of some of his students he taught in the past."

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Jayda Hill

Jayda Hill is a Multimedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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