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Illinois GOP leaders recognize President Trump as a hero, campaign against “Fair Tax”

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Springfield, IL - The third night of the Republican National Convention centered on the "Land of Heroes."

Illinois Republicans looked to two of their own military heroes pushing for stronger conservative voices in the nation's capital.

Congressman Mike Bost and Congressional candidate Jeanne Ives dedicated their lives to serving the country, both in the armed forces and the Illinois statehouse. Now, their focus is on Washington D.C.

"There are so many heroes in our past that fought to defend our Constitutional rights, and we see them all just being shuttered, shredded by Democrats who don't want to enforce the law equally," Ives said.

Bost considers President Donald Trump to be the country's greatest hero in a time of need. "He actually has to go in and face this onslaught of those fighting him every day to do what's right. And he's doing to the best of his ability what is right," Bost added.

Shifting to the "Fair Tax" debate

The GOP forum moderated by conservative radio host Annie Frey quickly turned into a message for voters to reject Gov. JB Pritzker's graduated income tax amendment.

"All our past sins in terms of budgeting are catching up to us now, in the midst of a crisis. [There's] no rainy day fund, no way to weather the storm here. Chicago is bankrupt," Ives said. "And if you allow them to tax people more, businesses will not be able to make it here. They're already suffering."

Bost says the state used to be a land of great opportunity. However, he fears more people will leave if the "Fair Tax" is approved. In the meantime, the Southern Illinois Republican says voters need to support Ives to see changes in Congress.

"Having Jeanne here along with others will push us back into the majority. It gives us the opportunity - one to control the gavel, but with that control the legislation we send to the President that we can actually work on - that we can get things done."

Meanwhile, Illinois Democrats feel Republicans should help implement a national COVID-19 strategy to protect Americans and revive the economy.

"Instead of protecting lives and livelihoods, this Administration has focused on spreading dangerous disinformation, discrediting our nation's foremost health care experts, and fighting in court to jeopardize healthcare protections the 300,000 members of my community with pre-existing conditions rely upon," stated Congresswoman Lauren Underwood.

"The president already told the American people everything we need to know about his response to this deadly pandemic when he stated, 'I don't take responsibility at all.' The American people deserve so much better."

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