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Marion County commissioners asking more businesses to apply for CARES Act funds for COVID relief

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If your business has lost money due to COVID-19 Marion County, Missouri commissioners said they want to help.

While they said CARES Act funds can't replace lost revenue, there are many other ways it could help you out.

Officials at Bluff City Theatre said their doors have been locked for quite some time now, but they said they've applied to get some of their investment into programming this year reimbursed.

While their request hasn't been approved yet, county commissioners said it's the kind of application they like to see.

"We started out with big plans for this year, and then mid march, it became obvious that we weren't going to be able to have a season, the board made the very difficult decision of canceling the season entirely," said Bluff City Theater Executive Director Joe Anderson said one of the biggest plans for the season wasa comedy show they spent around $17,000 putting together.

Anderson said while $11,000 of that was refundable, the rest wasn't.

"The rest of the money was money that we had spent on pre advertising, particularly billboards and posters and rack cards and things of that nature. And so that money was lost," said Anderson.

Marion County Presiding Commissioner David Lomax said that's where CARES Act funds can come in.

"We've seen the Highland school district we've seen had all school district city handle the board of public works, rural fire department," said Lomax, "the one thing we haven't seen is private businesses and that's what I would really want to see this money going to."

He said the county hasn't even spent a million of the around $3.3 million they got from the government.

"We're not going to run out that that money was going to be lost to us," said Lomax.

Anderson said he's hoping their situation can be helped.

"So that's what we applied to cares for, and hopefully that that's going to come through, we're going to get that recovery<' said Anderson.

Lomax said if they don't spend the cares act money by the end of the year, it'll have to go back to the state.

He said to apply, you can go to and click on the CARES Act link.

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