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Adams County early voting starts out busy

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If you got out and voted early in Adams County Thursday, county officials said you weren't alone, as they said this first day of early voting was much busier than even your typical presidential year.

Adams County Clerk and Recorder Ryan Neikamp said around 500 people came out to vote early, he said while they expected a big turn out, they didn't expect it to be this big.

Voters said they just want to make sure their vote gets counted

"The reason why I came out to the first day of voting is, I did apply to be election judge so I'm hoping to hear about that soon, and secondly, the issues, possibly with the mail and balance," said early voter Joshua Manley.

He said with national conversations over concerns about mail in ballots, COVID-19, and more, he felt it was important to get voting done and out of the way so he didn't have to go and vote in person come November.

"There's also less [people] so that's one of the big things especially where my normal polling places from when we got the governor election last time. It was pretty busy there," said Manley.

"The first day is always kind of busy we're never quite to this level," said Neikamp.

He said there's a lot of likely reasons people lined up to the street to vote today.

"I think a lot of it probably has honestly to do with one is the presidential election so everybody has a lot of interest in that election, and two I think a lot of is just the uncertainty with COVID coming and and what what might become of that," said Neikamp.

He said with thousands of mail in ballots going out, and big early voter turn out could mean an abnormal election day.

"If this trend continues with early voting on election day is gonna look much different we'll still have all the polling locations open for voters but I don't think we'll see quite a large turnout on the actual voting day of election," said Neikamp.

"We've had the surgeon vote by mail applications we had 5000 vote by mail ballots go out just today to the post office," said Neikamp.

He said there's also extensive measures in place to prevent people from voting twice.

Still, for people like manley, he said he wants to check voting off his list early.

"Wanted to get out early and make sure it was done," said Manley.

Early voting will be available at the county clerk's office until the day before the election November 3rd.

Voter registration ends October 7th.

County clerks office officials said they're taking many precautions against COVID-19 such as providing, but not requiring, facemasks at the door, disinfecting voting booths after use, and even using an electro-static sanitation device to clean voting machines twice a day.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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