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Birthdays and Anniversaries: October 8, 2020

Send your birthday and anniversary wishes, along with how to pronounce names, to

Note: Please have all birthday and anniversary announcements submitted to WGEM no later than two business days prior to the date you wish your announcement to be read on air.

WGEM does not guarantee that birthday and anniversary announcements submitted less than two days beforehand will be read on air.

Fern Martin

Clara Louthan

Janice Zanger

Natalie Neisen

Greg Troy

Kaylee McCloskey

Tina Walker

Donald Taute

Dana Klocke

Kristi May

Ryan Norton

Myra Drebes

Tom Campbell

David Janssen

Judy Wartick

Jared Dedey

Laura Fisher

Gerry McDonald

Kathy Brown

Cindy Kretzer

Sherry Totsch

Simon Davidson

Brenda Shires

Darren Brooks

Nicholas Bewley

Ty Rockhold

Fid Murphy

Shawn Smith

Kelly Hurt

Kristin Maestas

Mike Hively

Debra Walton

Sandy Hutson

Derron Douglas


John & Mary Bolton

Terry & Ann Alter

Dennis & Debbie Amsler

Kevin & Monica Grawe

Marvin & Vernie Ufkes

Keith & Loretta Aschemann

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Kaleb Wolters

Kaleb Wolters is a Content Producer for WGEM News.

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