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Residents, local officials respond to new COVID-19 restrictions in Quincy

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QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) -- Local restaurants are responding to new restrictions due to COVID-19 from the state of Illinois, with concerns that these restrictions could put them out of business.

That's why many of them plan to ignore the state rules and keep their doors open.

Those restaurants won't face any opposition from the city of Quincy according to Mayor Kyle Moore.

He said he won't be a part of putting a business under, so they can stay open as far as he's concerned.
That's allowed restaurants, like Boodalu to be comfortable enough to claim they're staying open.

Quincy resident Pete Magliocco said it wasn't shocking when the order came down from the governor's office that indoor dining would be restricted in the region.

"I wasn't completely surprised, because I've seen just the behavior that our locals have been exhibiting and it's kind of been a more of a defiant tone," said Magliocco.

He said for him, the rules aren't the government overstepping it's boundaries.

"[It's not like they're trying to] make us, you know, bend to their will or anything like that. I think it's for public health for public safety, and I feel like we should adhere to that," said Magliocco.

But some local businesses feel differently, owners of places like the local Qudoba, Pappo's pizza, and Culver's, taking to social media to say they quote "will remain open".

"Leaders from across the globe have implemented a wide variety of measures from extreme lockdowns to herd immunity. And yet the virus continues to spread," said Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore.

The mayor said they'll provide education to businesses in violation, and maybe in extreme situations recommend charges to the state's attorney.

"But tell you what we're not going to do. We're not going to go in and shut down a business, who is having to make the difficult decision between paying bills and putting food on the table," said Moore.

Magliocco said he's been following the rules and wishes things could just start to get back to normal

"These people that are that are trying to boast that they're gonna buck the system, aren't doing anybody any favors," said Magliocco.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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