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Stimulus payment: When should I expect my $600?

WASHINGTON (WKOW) — Americans should expect a late Christmas present from the federal government in the coming weeks: a $600 stimulus payment.

The payments, which will be sent to every U.S. citizen, were a part of the COVID-19 relief bill signed into law by President Donald Trump on Sunday.

The law gives the Internal Revenue Service a deadline of Jan. 15 to send out the $600 payments. However, the government may be able to send the money much earlier.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said last week that his department could begin depositing the money into bank accounts within days. The federal government put the machinery in place to send direct payments this spring when it distributed $1,200 disbursements.

Mnuchin and other officials have not given an exact date as to when Americans should expect their stimulus payment. This is likely because the president was indicating he may not sign the $900 billion relief bill into law unless Congress would agree to increase the payments to $2,000.

House Republicans blocked a measure that would have modified the bill to include the larger payments. Trump apparently capitulated and signed the bill.

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