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JWCC students learning from recent events in living history lesson

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QUINCY (WGEM) -- Students today are living in a historical time. A pandemic, two impeachment proceedings for one president, and a storm on the Capitol.

A time in history students like John Wood Community College sophomore, Alaina Voss, might learn about for years to come.

"To be able to tell the next generations, like this is what I went through and then if they have questions like, what was it like," Voss said. "I'm going to be able to give them my life, like when it happened the moment it happened."

Voss said she is eager to learn about currents events hoping they don't become future events.

"I kind of think back to 9/11, when we did that kind of stuff in school," Voss said."

"We know people's stories and that's what I'm going to be able to tell as a student here and as a teacher to be. I'll have my own story because I've lived through it and I'm going through it."

JWCC History and Political Science Professor, Norman Rodriguez said it is going to take going down memory lane and studying past events to understand what is happening now.

"I'm a proponent of if you don't learn from mistakes, or as the saying goes, from history, that you're condemned to repeat it," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said his lessons will focus on finding the why behind what is going on.

"I look for more of the causes. I look for the things that are behind the scenes, not just the event that happened. I like to take things apart," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said he has already discussed the storm on the capitol in some of his classes to discover some of the causes to help his students understand the consequences that might follow.

He it will take time to uncover the history that is happening today to be able to understand it fully and not jump to conclusions.


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